From Beth: We fell in love with Sarah’s Love Beads quilt during our April Quilting Month. Sarah’s a hand quilting pro; when we read that she had a new quilt all ready for the hand quilting stage we jumped at the chance for her to teach us a thing or two (or ten!) about the art of hand quilting. Her post is coming up next! In the meantime, be sure to check out Sarah’s Hip to Piece Squares blog…

From Sarah: Despite being crafty as a kid, I didn’t really begin sewing until I went off to college eleven years ago. Needing to find an creative outlet between classes and studying, I started cutting squares to make my first quilt. Instead of waiting to get home to use my mom’s sewing machine, I hand pieced and quilted a quilt (and gave to to my boyfriend!) in my downtime over two years.

My parents gave me my first sewing machine as a graduation gift and I haven’t looked back since. Although I don’t typically hand piece my quilts any more, I still love to hand quilt and have finished the majority of my quilts that way. These days I try to keep up with my projects at my blog, and I also make patchwork bags and pouches that I sell in my online shop,

Thankfully, that first quilt that I made for my boyfriend has come back to live with me. He ended up marring me, and my fabric stash!