Every day this week we’ll share an interview with one of the contributing designers in Fa la la la Felt: 45 Handmade Holiday Decorations. Cathy from handmade…cathygaubert has a wide variety of projects in the book, including the Sweet Trio Project we’ll share as a free download in the next post. Enjoy!

Sew,Mama,Sew!: What project(s) do you have in the book?
Cathy: I have 5 (I know! I still can’t believe it myself… And my design made the cover! Oh, my!) designs in the book: Winter Critter Portraits, Christmas Pines, Gingerman + Sugar Friend, Let It Snow Stocking, and Holiday Toadstools (which Lark Books shares as a free PDF).

SMS: What do you like about working with felt? Do you work with felt a lot?
Cathy: I love working with felt because it is so quick + easy… Just snip, snip, snip and stitch, stitch, stitch. I love that it can be cut into so many teeny, and sometimes intricate pieces; of course, I have a boxful of itty bitty snippets that i just can’t bear to sweep into the trash. 100% wool felt is my favorite (although I have happily used the rayon blend when i have found it in stores around town) as it feels so nice in my hands, and i know that it has the quality to be lasting. I often use felted sweaters (i have a wardrobe stacked full of them!) and combine those with repurposed stripe-y knits and linen.

Cathy’s Holiday Toadstools project.

SMS: Do you have a favorite, go-to holiday decoration?
Cathy: My go-to decoration is red + white yarn pompom garlands– tons of them! I would love to say that those are handmade, but I don’t think that Martha Stewart crafted those all by herself!

SMS: Do you have a favorite family holiday tradition?
Cathy: Hmmm, family holiday tradition… Does sewing/putting the finishing touches on/crafting/wrapping the gift as you walk out of the door count? I think that may be a tradition for many of us (although it is one that I am bound and determined to get rid of)! On a happier note, we always spend Christmas Eve with my parents and the extended family of aunt, uncles, and cousins (and now, those cousins’ children… Next week, the count stands at 11!), so it’s a houseful of happy holiday chaos. I think that I may love Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day, actually! There was that one time when we convinced the newest guy on the block (my cousin Becky’s tall, then-fiance) that he had to dress in the (sort of small) vintage Santa suit…

SMS: How about a must-do holiday project or gift that you return to, year after year?
Cathy: Now that we have kiddos, the must-do gift/project is sometimes that they make with us, momma + poppa. Fingerprint reindeer cards, cotton ball snowmen, a photo of the “sleeping” girlies with a “quilt” (a simple piece of fabric) covering them as they dream of sugarplums have all been gifts/projects from previous years.

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