Laura from Lupin Handmade and Bugs and Fishes has an assortment of holiday-related tutorials on her blog, in addition to several fun projects in Fa la la la Felt: 45 Handmade Holiday Decorations! Find all of her holiday tutorials here, and enjoy her upcoming Gingerbread House tutorial next…

Sew,Mama,Sew!: What project(s) do you have in the book?
Laura: I’ve got four projects included in the book— a colourful stocking, a cute gingerbread house, a trio of rainbow baubles and sparkly shooting stars.

SMS: What do you like about working with felt? Do you work with felt a lot?
Laura: I work with felt all the time in my business, in my personal crafty projects… and I even sell packs of felt to other crafters. I’m obsessed with the stuff! It’s really easy to work with, great for beginners or self-taught stitchers like myself!. I also find all those blocks of colour really inspiring, I get really excited when I get hold of new colours and can’t wait to find the perfect project to best show them off.

One of Laura’s holiday tutorials from Bugs and Fishes.

SMS: Do you have a favorite, go-to holiday decoration?
Laura: I overdose on Christmas movies every December (the cheesier the better) and I make my decorations while watching them. I always make lots of paper snowflakes and I also love old fashioned paper chains.

SMS: Do you have a favorite family holiday tradition?
Laura: Every year my sisters decorate our family Christmas cake with hand modeled marzipan figures on some crazy theme. It’s been their job to decorate the cake for years and every year the theme gets wilder and wilder. Even though I’ve not spent Christmas with them for a few years my mum always sends me a photo of their creations which always make me smile. I’ve not had time to establish any traditions of my own yet but I always try to bake my own mince pies, they always taste so much
better than shop bought ones.

Laura’s homemade touches for gift wrapping.

SMS: Would you like to share a favorite memory related to your holiday crafting or family traditions?
Laura: I’ve always been crafty and have very fond memories of spending months making Christmas gifts for my family and making all my own Christmas cards. I remember one year having hardly any money and a long list of people to get gifts for so I spent many weeks making 30 decorated gift boxes (using cardboard from empty cereal boxes and an old roll of festive wrap) to help dress up my cheap gifts! They took forever to make but they were totally worth it. I’m a little less ambitious these days but I still try to find the time to add homemade touches to my gift wrapping, and love sharing my gift wrapping ideas on my blog.

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