Dear Catherine,

Congratulations on completing your first garment for yourself. Well done! Now you are eligible to become a member of our top secret club and I can reveal to you the Magic Tube-Turning Trick.

1. Cut the fabric for your tube, adding about 1/2″ to what the instructions require.  Iron it in half with right sides together.  Cut a piece of bias tape, ric rac or ribbon a few inches longer than your tube piece.  Place this inside the folded fabric, right next to the crease.

2. Sew across the short end of your tube, securing the bias tape in the stitches.

3. Sew down the long side, making sure to not catch any of the bias tape in the stitches.

4. Say the magic words.  Pull on the bias tape and use your finger to push the very end of the tube to the inside.  Pull on the bias tape and slide the tube back over itself.  Abracadabra! The tube is right side out!

5. Cut off the end with the bias tap, fold in your ends, press and sew.

Shhh.  Don’t tell anyone.

~ Kristin