Tiffany from Simply Modern Mom joins us today with this cute and easy Pleated Uniform Skirt tutorial. It’s perfect whether you need to wear a uniform or just want to wear the cute, pleated look. After a little practice Tiffany assures us the skirt can be made in less than an hour! Learn more about Tiffany, Simply Modern Mom and all Tiffany’s site has to offer in her introduction. Enjoy the tutorial!

From Tiffany: It seems to me more and more schools are requiring some type of uniform. And although my daughter is not yet in school this year, I thought that a pleated uniform skirt would look adorable on her. This skirt I made her was from a fleece fabric that I think will be perfect for the fall to wear with some leggings. You can also use regular or some of the more heavy weighted fabric (polyester) too. This is the basic and easiest pleated skirt to make. After a few tries you can make a skirt in less than an hour.


  • 2 yards of fabric
  • matching thread
  • two large buttons
  • small snap
  • regular sewing supplies

Getting Started:
1. Measure your daughter’s waist and length to the knee or little shorter. To figure out the fabric you need, multiply the waist size x 3 (for the pleats) then + 4 inches (for the buttons). The length of the skirt you will take the measured length and add 2 1/2-inches for the bias tape coverage at the top and a hem at the bottom. For my daughter, she had a 19-inch waist and 13-inch length. The amount of fabric I needed for her skirt was 61 x 15 1/2 inches. (With a little excess for the bias tape mentioned in Step 2.)

2. With the extra fabric, cut a strip that is the waist size + 2 inches for the width and 2 1/8-inches for the length to make 1/2-inch bias tape. Iron the tape in fourths then in half. The best way is to make the front side of the bias tape slightly shorter than the back. Set this aside.

3. Pin 1-inch pleats all the way around the skirt leaving 3 inches on the two ends for the buttons. After you pin, iron each pleat. Then straight line stitch once across the pleats about 1/4-inch from the edge to keep the pleats in place.

4. Iron the sides of the skirt in half into the wrong side of the skirt. Make sure to fold in the raw edge and iron that too. Then sew the ends close.

5. Get the bias tape that you ironed in Step 2 and with the right sides touching, sew one end close. Then flip right side out and iron.

6. Match that end of the bias tape to the edge of the skirt. Pin the bias tape in place along the skirt then do Step 5 on the second end of the bias tape. You will have some excess to cut off the second end.

7. Sew the bias tape in place as close to the edge of the bottom of the bias tape as you can.

8. Now fold and iron the bottom hem 2 inches and fold in the raw edge. Then sew all the way across the skirt.

9. Match the two edges of the skirt with 1 1/2-inch overlap. Place the buttons on there to measure how big of an opening you need. I left a 4-inch opening from the top. Then sew the part below the opening in place. I did a big rectangle following the stitches that were already there from Step 4.

10. Make two button holes on the top layer of the opening. I just quickly hand-stitched mine. But you can use the sewing machine if your machine has that feature.

11. Sew the buttons in place to match the button holes on the bottom flap of the opening. I then used a small snap to help keep the top corner of the skirt in place.

Thanks for sewing along with me!

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