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Violet from Violet Craft is the kind of friend who will whip up a full nursery for her friend (you know, just a quilt, sheets, bumpers, crib skirt, curtains, pillow, diaper wipes and changing pad pouches!). It will come as no surprise then that she offered to share a tutorial for her super-easy Sushi-Roll Changing Pads and Diaper & Wipes Pouches today! She says they’re a big hit at baby showers, and we can see why. Enjoy!

From Violet: The Sushi-Roll Changing Pad and Diaper & Wipes Pouch are the perfect shower gift! They add some beauty to the otherwise tedious task of changing the newborn’s diaper again and again and again– and it is a gift that can be used for years by the recipient instead of for weeks by those wiggly little worms that grow up so fast!

My best friend Stacie is having her first baby and she’s going all boy in her outfitting of goodies for him so I chose two coordinating blue fabrics to work with that we will also be using in his nursery. You can also use flannels, chenilles, or even a side of laminate! This size also works perfectly for a quick newborn cover up in that teeny tiny carseat of theirs. Not too much bulk, just enough to tuck right around that sweet eensie weensy little baby– and as they grow up it just might become their favorite snuggler.


  • 1/2 yard each of two different prints– This is a perfect fat quarter project, so four fat quarters would work great!
  • 1/4 yard of batting of your choice– Although I quilt only with Warm and Natural, when it comes to changing pads and bibs I always use Pellon Fleece. The polyester content helps the padding to dry out quickly.
  • 6″ of decorative elastic or 12″ twill tape
  • 3″ length of 1″ width Velcro

Sushi-Roll Changing Pad:

1. Cut out two fat quarters of different fabric and one fat quarter of your lining. If you are using precut fat quarters, square them all up to be of equal size as near to 18″ x 22″ as possible. Don’t worry if you have to cut them down a bit– it won’t matter one bit as long as all three pieces are the same. After squaring mine for this project they were 18″ x 21.5″

2. Make your sandwich! Place the batting on the bottom and the first print right side up on top of the batting.

3. Taking your 6″ of decorative elastic, fold it in half and with the looped part pointing in towards the center of the fabric line the cut ends up with the edge of your fabric at 5.5″ from the top right corner. (If you are using twill tape to tie, do this in the opposite way! Fold your twill tape in half into a loop, but sew the looped edge into the seam leaving the loose ends flying free for tying.)

4. Place the final piece of fabric right side down on the top which makes the prints right sides together. Pin around the entire perimeter.

5. Mark a 4″ opening in the bottom right hand corner about 3.5″ from the edge.

6. Sew entirely around the perimeter with a 3/8″ seam allowance except where you’ve marked your opening.

7. Clip a small triangle off of each corner to 1/4″ from the stitching to make turning your points easier.

8. Turn the sandwich right sides out and press flat.

9. Hand sew the opening closed.

10. Top stitch around the perimeter using a 1/2″ seam allowance. This can be a great place to use those decorative stitches that you might have and never use!

11. Fold in half vertically, make your sushi-roll and strap it in place with your elastic! Voila! If you really love your friend, make her two of these so that when one is in the wash, the other is in the bag! And it’s a great excuse to add some more fun fabric into that diaper bag!

Diaper and Wipes Pouch
1. Cut two pieces of fabric 11″ x 18″. I like to keep these pouches light and flexible, but you may prefer them to be padded or stabilized. If so, just cut one piece of batting or stabilizer the same size as the pieces and layer them together in the same way as for the Sushi-Roll Changing Pad.

2. Stack the fabrics right side together and pin around the perimeter.

3. Mark a 3″ opening about 2″ from the edge on one of the long sides.

4. Sew entirely around the perimeter with a 3/8″ seam allowance except where you’ve marked your opening.

5. Clip a small triangle off of each corner to 1/4″ from the stitching to make turning your points easier.

6. Turn the sandwich right sides out and press flat.

7. Hand sew the opening closed.

8. Fold into an envelope. Mine is folded to make a 6.5″ envelope. Pin sides.

9. Stitch around three sides of the perimeter. I prefer to use a special foot that I have. Mine is the Bernina Edgestitch #10 foot– which is also known as the Stitch In The Ditch foot. The metal bar down the middle can run along the outside edge of your envelope and I adjust my needle to be in the farthest left position which makes for a perfect edge stitch. I started at a folded corner, continuing up one side of the envelope, continuing around the closing flap of the envelope as a top stitch and back down the other side of the envelope to the other folded corner. Do not stitch along the folded bottom edge of the envelope.

10. Next, place your Velcro. I use a 3″ strip of the fuzzy loop and a 1″ strip of the hook. The reasoning behind this is that if the pouch is fuller or emptier, there is Velcro there to catch it, BUT the extra is on the side you don’t see when it is closed. So if it is particularly empty of diapers, there isn’t a 2″ piece of white Velcro sticking out. We can’t have a silly looking diaper pouch, now can we? I place my Velcro about 1/4″ from the edges and stitch in place. Velcro doesn’t particularly like pins so I use a spray tack to hold it into place until it is stitched on.

11. Stuff with a handy wipes pouch and diapers and your new momma is stylishly ready to change diapers on the go. This momma knows (and she might not yet) that could be just about anywhere!

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