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Shannon from is a pro at finding the best tutorials around. Her round-ups are legendary, and we’re excited to share ALL of the Mama & Baby Essentials tutorials she found, just for our Baby Shower celebration! Shannon is on our Sew,Mama,Sew! Editorial Board and she’s moved on to find the best tutorials for our upcoming Handmade Holidays series in November. We’re so lucky to have her “finding” expertise. Enjoy the following tutorials and bookmark this page!…

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Baby showers are a special time for the celebration and arrival of a new and precious life. When you look back at the history of baby showers the gifts given to the new parents were handmade. Clothing and blankets were gifted and made with love. I think that our society is moving back to handmade and found objects, and we are realizing the significance of instilling the grace and beauty of these arts to our children. In doing so we’ve come to embrace handmade gifts with a new modern flair. So instead of rushing out to your local big box store for your next shower why not make your gift? The time and love put into your present will mean more to the new mom and her child than words can say and they will surely be treasured.

For all you looking for the perfect and may I say “essential” gift for a new mom and her babe, here’s a great place to start. I’ve given you items for all skill levels and interest. Gifts ranging from a basic bib to drool catchers for your baby carrier. A simple, cozy swaddling blanket to a car seat cooler– Yes, I found a car seat cooler! No more hot straps after the car is parked in the sun for babe anymore! All the basics are here. Most of these tutorials give you a great place to start if you want to customize and add your own personal flair! Sew on that ribbon, applique a car on a little boy’s onesie or fabric paint images on a cute pant bottom! It’s all fun and it’s all about baby! In giving a handmade gift you are not only bringing joy to the new family but also finding happiness in the process for yourself as well. So get sewing, get creating, snuggle up to that new baby and have fun!

1. Simple Headband 2. Fabric Covered Snap Clip 3. Yo-Yo Headband
4. Denim Barrette 5. Baby Headband

1. Bootie 2. Kimono Shoes 3. Felt Baby Booties 4. Infant Scratch Mittens

1. Baby Tie 2. Bow Tie 3. Sweet Pea Pilot Cap 4. Fruit Salad Baby Hats

1. Frayed-Edge Bib 2. Boutique Baby Bibs 3. Quilted Patchwork Bib 4. Ruffle Bib

1. Burp Cloth 2. Fancy Burp Cloth 3. Frayed-Edge Burp Cloth

1. Minky Baby Blanket 2. Sweet Baby Quilt 3. Chenille Heirloom Baby Blanket
4. Kids’ Travel Toy Blanket 5. His/Hers Personalized Baby Quilt 6. Swaddle Blanket

1. Itty Bitty Pants 2. Dress Shirt Sleep Sack 3. Diaper Covers 4. Baby Tights

1. Embellishing Onesies 2. Onesie with Binding 3. Wrap-Around Onesie

1. High Chair Pad 2. Drool Catchers for Baby Carrier 3. Nursing Cover 4. High Chair Seat Cover

1. Playpen Sheet 2. Nursing Cover

1. Padded Reversible Sling 2. Boppy Pillow 3. Sling 4. Ring Sling

1. Gold Dots Dress 2. Dress 3. Most Flattering Shirt Dress
4. Sunshine Daisies Bottom Mellow Dress 5. Shirt Skirt 6. Bubble Shirt

1. Crib Sheet 2. Big Bow Pillow 3. Changing Pad Cover 4. Soft Blocks 5. Crib Organizer 6. Crib Skirt

1. Bunting 2. Crib Bumper 3. Crib Pacifier Holder

1. Diaper Strap 2. Diaper Pouch 3. Pacifier Clip 4. Pacifier Pouch

1. Diaper Bag 2. Angela’s Bag 3. Baby-on-the-Go-Bag

1. Changing Mat 2. Pottery Barn Style Changing Mat 3. Changing Pad Clutch 4. Tablecloth Changing Mat

1. Car Seat Cover 2. Reversible Car Seat Strap Covers 3. Car Seat Cooler

Thanks for having me over on Sew,Mama,Sew!, Ladies, it’s been so fun! Best wishes for the new baby, Beth! Looking at all of these tutorials makes me want to have another one and I just had one!

Vintage images from Free Pretty Things for You.

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