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Benita from Bettsy Kingston and Bettsy Kingston MYO creates some pretty amazing, detailed patterns. Today she’s offering her skills free to you in the form of a darling Baby Kimono Wrap Tutorial to download and enjoy!

Benita from Bettsy Kingston created this amazing Kimono-style Jacket, Dress or Sleepsuit 18 page PDF Tutorial for sizes 3-9 months.

The Kimono Wrap PDF Tutorial includes step-by-step instructions and patterns! Download your free copy today!

Takeaway! A free printable just for you.

Download shower invitations and gift tags designed by Kate M. Paullin. Visit today’s free Takeaway post to download your shower invitations and tags!

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Today the London Mummy shop is giving away one of their beautiful, cream cobweb knit baby blankets made on the traditional lace looms in Nottingham. Included in the package is one of the classic Anne Claire Petit crochet baby rattles and an Anne Claire Petit crochet bunny rabbit, for a total value of prize of £60.00. View prize details here, and comment today for your chance to win!