We love Autum’s sewing (remember her pretty Patchwork Kitchen Mat, comprehensive Pocket & Lining tutorials and those beautiful Perfectly Portable Cushions?!). Autum blogs at Creative Little Daisy where her DIY decorating projects are truly awe inspiring! She can do everything, so of course she’s a pillow master… She whips up the perfect pillow touches to highlight a new corner, uplift an old piece of furniture or to decorate in subtly beautiful ways for the seasons. We’re so happy to welcome Autum as one of our newest board members. She’s already busy at work, helping us plan a fantastic Pillow Month for February! Be sure to check out Autum’s latest decorating projects at Creative Little Daisy after you enjoy her interview.

Sew,Mama,Sew!: How long have you been sewing?
Autum: First of all I’d like to thank Beth and Kristen for asking me to participate in Pillow Month. I learn so much from your wonderful site and am delighted to be able to contribute.

I’ve been sewing seriously for about ten years. I say seriously, because my granny tried to teach me as a teenager, but I just didn’t have the patience to learn. I really wish I would have taken advantage of the opportunity. I’ve had to do a great deal of learning through trial and error.

SMS: What do you enjoy about sewing? What are your favorite things to make?
Autum: What really excites me about sewing is the creative process. It thrills me to no end to be able to see something I’d love to have, but is way out of my budget and make it myself.

Bayleigh’s bedding, created by Autum.

SMS: How do you find time to fit creativity (sewing and any other creative loves) into your life?
Autum: Since my children are grown, finding time to be creative is much easier. I am always in the middle of some sort of project, much to my husband’s dismay.

SMS: Do you have a favorite sewing tip or skill that makes things easier for you?
Autum: I don’t know if I’d say this is a tip, but when I finally came to the realization that the boring things my granny tried to drill in my head are in fact important, like pressing seams, it greatly improved the fruits of my labor so to speak. I’ve learned it’s easier to take a little time now to do things right, than to have to rip things apart because I wanted to hurry along the process.

Autum’s drop cloth slipcover.

SMS: What’s a favorite thing you’ve made lately? Why?
Autum: Hmmm, that’s a tough one. My creative endeavors of late have involved more paint than fabric. I guess one of the things I’m proud of on a daily basis is a slipcover I made using a drop cloth to cover a thrift store chair. I have washed it many times and it continues to look good.

And here’s another chair I covered recently:

I put the most love into the bedding I made for Bayleigh, my granddaughter.

SMS: Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
Autum: I’m a 42 year old wife, mom and nana with a severe case of decorating addiction. You’d be much more likely to find me in a fabric or hardware store than the mall. I read way too many blogs and when I can find the time I write my own, Creative Little Daisy.