We love watching the evolution of Kajsa’s beautiful work over the years, and enjoyed having her as a board member last year. In addition to her Syko blog, Kajsa shares her unique and lovely style in her book, Scandinavian Stitches; 21 Whimsical Projects with Seasonal Flair. To celebrate her book Kajsa created this easy Bullfinch Pattern for us; you can download a copy of the bullfinch pattern and get right to work! All of the projects in the book evoke the seasons of Scandinavia, and today’s little bullfinch provides a lasting reminder of the beauty of winter. Enjoy today’s pattern from Kajsa, stop in at Syko and get your hands on a copy of Scandinavian Stitches; 21 Whimsical Projects with Seasonal Flair!

From Kajsa: It’s snowing again here in Helsinki! There seems to be no end to it, but I know spring will come with bird song and lime green new baby leaves! I promised to make a small winter project for this post, but with my mind already set for spring I felt a bit lost. Then I remembered that there are winter birds too, beautiful bullfinches that, if you’re happy, can become regular visitors at your bird feeder during this time of year. (With a change of color these will make lovely spring birds too!)

What you’ll need:

  • PDF pattern
  • scrap of dark linen for the beak
  • red cotton for body
  • black and white cotton for wings
  • 3” black ribbon for the tail
  • embroidery floss for eye
  • polyester stuffing
  • pinking (zigzag) scissors

Cut out bird, beak and wings, two of each. Use pinking shears to cut the wings.

Fold and press as indicated on PDF pattern. Stitch to bird body pieces.

Stitch beaks together wrong sides facing close to the edge for fuzzy edges. Stitch to right side of body 1/4” from the upper edge of the bird as indicated on PDF pattern.

Stitch the folded ribbon to the right side of the body 1/4” from the upper edge.

Pin body pieces right sides together and stitch with a 1/4” seam allowance. Leave the top open. Turn right side out. Stuff the bird with a handful of stuffing. Fold and pin the gap. Close by hand or machine. Then add a hanging loop and a pair of eyes and your bullfinch is ready!