The flooding in northern Australia is devastating. Toni Coward, from make it perfect writes, “People have died being washed away in flash flooding, it looks like a war zone in many towns and cities. We have half a million people without electricity. 11,900 homes are completely flooded with a further 14,700 partially flooded, many of which will never be habitable again. Brisbane, which is the third largest city in Australia is shut down. Businesses are closed, infrastructure destroyed, schools washed away. So many families lives have been destroyed.”

Queensland Flood Appeal Auctions

The crafting community is joining Toni and her sister in support of the Queensland Flood Appeal Auctions. Over 200 auctions start today, and all proceeds will benefit the Premier’s Auction Relief Fund for flood relief. The master auction list is on Toni’s blog, so be sure to hop over to check it out and bid. Let’s all give love and support to our friends in Australia. Every bid counts!