Our board member Heather from {House} of A La Mode is back! Remember her great Urban {Hug} Pillow Tutorial?! Today she shows us how to welcome spring with her Citron Flower Pillow…

A pop of color for any drab winter home! We want spring!

Needed Supplies:

  • 19 – 1 ¼ Hexagons paper pieces
  • 1/4 yard – Main print flower petal
  • 1/8 yard – Solid flower petal
  • 19 ”X 19” – Front pillow print
  • 19” X 19” – Batting
  • 19” X 19” – Muslin
  • ¾ yard – Backing
  • Hand sewing thread & needle
  • Embroidery thread & needle
  • Pins
  • Seam ripper
  • Sewing machine

(18 X 18 inch pillow. Please note pattern is sewn using a ¼ seams.)

The Petal Prep – Hexagons:
Easy peasy to put together! Grab one of your 1 ¼” hexagons & the petal fabric.

Tip: There are many free templates on the web to simply print your hexagons!

Pin together and trim fabric to a minimum of ¼” border.

First, knot the thread. Then baste the petal by folding the fabric toward the center of the hexagon, finger pressing as you go, and at each corner stitch the hexagon in its place until finished. Tie off your thread.

Continue this until all 19 hexagons have been basted.

The Flower Building:

Starting with the center petal hexagon, grab your first petal layer hexagon.

Place them right side to right side.

Using a ladder stitch to sew your petal hexagons together start and stop each petal with a secure knot and a backstitch.

I prefer the ladder stitch when piecing my hexagons, because the thread rarely shows on the front of the project.

Continue building the flower until completed.

Time to remove the basting!

Give the flower one good press on both sides. This will help hold the shape after you remove the paper.

Grab the seam ripper and cut those basting stitches. Remove the thread & paper and set the flower aside.

The Pillow Front:

Sandwich the front, batting and muslin (in that order) and place the hexagon flower on top.

Securely pin the flower in place.

Using your sewing machine, stitch the four layers of the pillow front together with a straight stitch. Sew around each stack of hexagons (3 total).

The Finishing Touches:

Take the embroidery thread & needle and add a touch of sweetness to the flower. I used grey thread.

Next use Julie’s Basic Pillow Instructions to build your back, baste your pillow and add the binding.

Tip: When prepping a pillow for binding, you’ll place the top and backing wrong side to wrong side.

Tip: Basting your pillow together before binding helps maintain the shape and a crisp look.

Tip: Choose a binding that supports the eye of your flower.

Presto! A beautiful flower with a pop of color for your living space until you can cut fresh ones for yourself!

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