Shannon from pieceLove created this cute and super-easy Tooth Fairy Pillow tutorial for you and the kids in your life. Learn more about Shannon in her introduction here. My own kiddo is a day or so away from losing his first tooth and can’t wait to tuck it away for the Tooth Fairy!

Shannon has included a PDF download with the tooth embroidery pattern and some wee “Tooth Fairy Invoices.” Now you’ll be prepared when the tooth wiggling begins!

1. From one fabric cut (3) 4.5″ x 5″ rectangles, and (1) 6″ x 5″ rectangle. Also cut (1) 2″ x 11″ strip from coordinating fabric.

2. Trace tooth pattern (in PDF file) onto top right-hand corner of one 4.5″ x 5″ square (on right side), positioning tooth .75″ – 1″ away from sides.

3. Make strap by ironing 2″ x 11″ strip in half, lengthwise, to form crease, then open.

Next, iron long edges inward toward crease.

Then iron entire strip in half again.

4. Fold the embroidered rectangle in half, width-wise, wrong sides together. Also fold the 6″ x 5″ rectangle in half, width-wise, wrong sides together. Edge stitch along folds of these two rectangles, and along the open length of the 11″ strip as well.

5. Lay the (folded and edge-stitched) 6″ x 5″ rectangle atop right side of a 4.5″ x 5″ rectangle, lining up bottom raw edges.

6. Now lay the embroidered rectangle on top of the two rectangles from the previous step, tooth side up, and line up top raw edges.

7. Pin through all to hold in place.

8. Now pin the strap to another 4.5″ x 5″ rectangle, positioning edges of strap 5/8″ away from edges of rectangle.

9. Use a small safety pin to temporarily secure strap out of sewing area.

10. Lay front piece (with the two flaps) onto the back piece (with the strap)– Right sides together.

11. Pin together. (Wherein everybody sees that I have an “overpinning” issue.)

11.5. Sew, leaving a 1.5″ opening for turning on lower right side.

12. Trim corners. (Don’t cut into seam.)

13. Turn, remove safety pin and iron flat.

14. Stuff.

15. Close.

And done! Tuck a tooth into this tiny pillow, then hang from a bedpost or knob for easy fairy access. The PDF download contains a tooth embroidery pattern and, oh!…wait for it!…some wee Tooth Fairy Invoices to help ensure the transaction goes down smoothly.

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