Heather from {House} of A La Mode and our editorial board created this fun pillow tutorial for Valentine’s Day or any day! Enjoy…

This cutie will show your appreciation all year long!

Needed Supplies:

  • 7 different saturated color prints
  • 3 X 44” – Sashing
  • ¾ yard – Backing
  • 21” X 21” – Muslin
  • 21” X 21” – Batting
  • Embroidery Thread & Needle
  • Sewing Machine
  • Rotary cutter & Mat
  • Pins

(20 X 20 inch pillow. Please note pattern is sewn using a ¼ seams.)

Pillow Prep:

I chose non-traditional Valentine colors for those of “us” that don’t do pinks!

1. Cut 4 X 4” squares of the following colors: (Batch A)

  • 2 Blue, 2 Yellow, 2 Aqua, 2 Orange, 1 White/with print, 1 Grey, 1 Red, 11 Sashing (Sashing A)

2. Cut 3 ½ X 3 ½” squares and put them aside in the following colors: (Batch B)

  • 1 Orange, 1 Aqua, 2 Red, 2 Grey, 2 White/with print, 8 Sashing (Sashing B)

3. Cut (2) – 1 ½” X 44” strips of sashing and put aside.

4. Use a ruler to draw a diagonal guide line on the wrong side of each colored 3 X 3” square of Batch A.

5. Then combine Batch A with Sashing A, right sides together, and pin.

Set Batch A aside.

6. Using the drawn line guide as your center marker, move your needle position to support a ¼ inch seam. Sew your squares together in the chain piecing method.

7. Simply restart the chain method sewing technique on the opposite side of the center drawn guide line…

…And continue sewing your half square triangles together.

8. Snip your connecting threads…

…And cut each square on the drawn guide line.

9. Press each seam open. This should produce a ¼ inch seam on each now half square triangle.

10.Trim each Batch A to 3 ½ inch squares.

11. Next arrange your {X}.

12. Sew your half square triangles together in horizontal strips first and press seams open.

13. Then sew the strips together and press seams open.

14. Grab your (2) – 1 ½” X 44” strips. Starting with the top of your {X} pillow, place right sides together and sew. Then cut the sashing off. Simply turn your {X} pillow top to the bottom and repeat (toss your couple of inches of sashing in your scrap bin). Press seams open.

If you have a little overage on your sashing just snip it off!

15. Repeat step #14. You’ll then have a 20 X 20” inch pillow top.

16. Sandwich your pillow top, batting, & muslin and pin (in that order).

17. Time to quilt your pillow top! I personally love simple quilting, so I chose to hand stitch mine with ½ inch space between each row.

18. Once you’ve finished quilting the top of the pillow. Choose your backing fabric. (I prefer to use home dec weight fabric for my backing to add stability to the form.)

19. Utilizing Julie’s Basic Pillow Instructions for an envelope style, attach your backing.

20. Then presto… one Urban {Hug} pillow for a special Valentine!

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