Benita from Bettsy Kingston showed us How to Buy & Use PDF Patterns and How to Print & Assemble ePatterns. Today she very generously shares a free ePattern for you to download! With Benita’s pattern you can make a simple, reversible head warmer in a “Viking helmet”-style. Enjoy today’s tutorial, and be sure to download your free Reversible Hat ePattern today.

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I know exactly what you are thinking… Why doesn’t my child have a faux Viking helmet? I’m sure it happens to all of us at some stage, so here is a very simple, reversible head warmer. It doesn’t have much in common with an actual Viking helmet but is quirky enough that older kids may just wear it and it would look really cool on actual Vikings.

What you need:

  • 12” or 30cm of fabric X 2 different fabrics (any width greater than 28” or 70cm). I used Funky Monkey flannel for the tutorial to complete my eldest son’s Viking Pajamas ensemble.
  • Rotary cutter or sharp scissors
  • Pattern, which you can get here
  • Matching thread and invisible thread to close the back (optional)
  • Wool or pre-made pom poms as an option

Step One: Print the Pattern and Cut Your Pieces
You will need to cut four pieces using the pattern provided. I used two different fabrics. Fold the fabric, cutting two pieces at a time.

Step Two: Create the Helmet Pieces
Join the fabric panels for each fabric. With right sides together, stitch the outside curve of the helmet. Repeat for the second fabric.

Step Three: Join the Helmet Pieces
Turn one of the helmet pieces right sides out and place it inside the other helmet piece so right sides are together for both fabrics.

Now pin these two helmet pieces together around the outside edge. Leave a gap 2” or 5 cm wide at the back edge between the ear flaps. Stitch the helmet pieces together (leaving the gap).

Step Four: Clip Your Seams
Clip all of your inner and outer curves around the helmet to help the seams stay flat and neat when turned out. Want a quick tip? Pinch the seam and cut on a slight diagonal to create triangle bites from the seam. Just make sure you scissors stay on the outside of the seam while protecting your stitching with the other hand (both sides please)!

Step Five: Enclosing Stitch
Pull helmet fabric through the gap so it’s right side out. Turn the gap seam to the wrong side and stitch the gap closed with either a slip stitch by hand or use invisible/matching thread in your sewing machine.

If you want to stop at a reversible head warmer, then you are all done.

Step Six: Add Pom Pom Horns
You can add what you like really, but horns made from pom poms? Wonderful!

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