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Summer Sewing and Lizzy House’s 1001 Peeps Summer Camp Kick-Off continues with today’s fun tutorial. Lizzy created this 1001 Peeps Summer Camp Utility Apron for all of your camp/craft/sewing/summer activity needs! To celebrate the 1001 Peeps collection and Lizzy’s new book, 1001 Peeps: Five Magical Projects, Lizzy is giving a copy of the book away to one lucky winner! The book includes four beautiful quilt patterns and a crewel embroidery project, and it’s debuting any day now… Your comment below enters you to win the book.

For more about the book read our interview with Lizzy and, in that same post, don’t forget to complete your first summer camp activity for your chance to win eight 1001 Peeps fat quarters!

What you will need for this project:

  • 2 coordinating 1001 Peep fat quarters
  • Template (optional– You can draw your own if you’d like!)
  • Coordinating thread
  • 3 yards good quality cotton ribbon (I always use Angela Ligouri’s Italian Cotton Ribbon)
  • 18×20 piece of thin batting (I used Fairfield’s Evergreen, which is made from plastic bottles!) OR 18×20 piece of light interfacing
  • Pencil for drawing or tracing

1. Lay your batting/interfacing down, then one fat quarter right side up, and the second right side down. True up all pieces.

2. From the top of the fabric measure 4 inches. Draw a line across the fabric to create a guide when drawing your points. From here mark the center of the line, and make a mark on both ends of the line an inch.

3. Using either one of the templates provided, or free-handing it, draw your scallops, point, or triangles across your line. If you start from the center where you marked, they should end up even. Keep the inch on both ends clear.

4. Cut around the drawn line.

5. With your cut points facing down, fold back your top layer of fabric.

An inch from the top, pin a piece your ribbon (2 pieces 24-30 inches).

Stash the excess of both ribbons in the middle. Cover back up and pin all layers together so they stay together when sewing.

6. Sew around the entire piece leaving a space large enough to turn inside out.

7. When you have sewn all the way around, depending on what shape your points are, clip the corners and make little snips on the curves so they round properly when turned out.

8. Turn it out! You might use the pencil you were just drawing with to work the corners.

9. Once everything is turned out, you can close the seam on the side, by turning in the fabric and machine sewing it. No need to hand stitch it.

10. If you are using batting, this is where you would quilt your piece. I prefer tight quilting, and it gives the apron a cool look. If just using interfacing, press well so all your edges are crisp.

11. Cut a piece of your ribbon long enough (plus 2 inches) to go across the straight side of your apron. Using an iron, press the ribbon in half.

Once pressed, fold in the outside edges. Covering the front and back of the apron, carefully sew the ribbon across the top.

12. At this point you can still choose which fabric you want on the inside, and which you want on the out. Once you have decided, fold the points over the top of the apron, and insert a loop of ribbon into one of the sides. Sew up both side over the top of all the layers.

13. Use the valleys of the points to indicate and choose the lines for your pockets. I left two scallops for a larger pocket on both sides, and divided the rest into three smaller pockets. Sew over all layers to create pockets. Back stitch the top and bottom of your dividing lines.

14. Snip all excess threads, tie this apron on and get to work on all your summer activities!

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