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We’re helping Lizzy House kick off 1001 Peeps Summer Camp with today’s interview and a 1001 Peeps fabric giveaway! Learn all about it here, and be sure to check out the 1001 Peeps Collection. Complete your first camp activity below for your chance to win one of three packs of eight 1001 Peeps fat quarters. We’ll be back later today with a great tutorial surprise from Lizzy, so be sure to check back. Today is Lizzy’s birthday too, so don’t forget to wish her a Happy, Happy Day!

Hey, Campers! Welcome back to Peeps Summer Camp. In case some of you missed out on the fun last year, you can learn about it here. We’re all looking forward to an exciting season of canoeing, marshmallow roasting and sewing! I’d like to introduce you to our Camp Director, Lizzy House. Lizzy has been busy organizing the activities this year and will tell you all about the camp counselors. But first, let’s talk about the fabric!

Lizzy at Quilt Market, surrounded by 1001 Peeps.

Sew,Mama,Sew!: Lizzy, tell us about the inspiration for 1001 Peeps.
Lizzy: The inspiration for 1001 Peeps has come from a couple of places. The first of which is, of course, the Arabian Nights. The stories are funny and touching, and are told in way that is continuous and a little ironic. Which I love. The second being my need to tell stories. We connect to the people in our lives because of the events that tie us together; we connect to our ancestors because of the stories that are passed down to us. We connect to people who we don’t know, now through the internet, but always through film, music, and literature. It’s the stories that drive our relationships, and it’s that same sort of connection that we should be weaving into the things that we make with our hands. So if I create something with a story as a part of the subtext of my designs, then maybe that will spark something in your own creations. I’ve seen it happen with Castle Peeps, and I hope that the same happens with 1001 Peeps.


SMS: Fabulous colors! What is your process for choosing color stories?
Lizzy: I like to let the designs kind of dictate their colors. For 1001 Peeps, I wanted to go for times of day. The Purple is the morning, the Orange is the hot noon day sun, and the Turquoise is the sneaky night. But just like the story behind the fabric itself, I am telling a color story over the course of all of my collections. Color is relative, and you are seeing my personal color wheel unfold. 1001 Peeps starts to fill in the secondary positions from Castle Peeps, which was mostly primary. Just like the story, color is SOOO crucial to me.

Pearl Bracelet

SMS: Pearl Bracelet is back, right?
Lizzy: You can bet your sweet bippy. I’m thrilled. I always loved the pattern, and when Red Letter Day came out, I was still relatively unknown… So when I got a call from my Mom one day early in 2009, telling me to look on Flickr, Pearl Bracelet was essentially sparkling on nearly all of the photos I looked through that day. I was thrilled and as the desperate emails have rolled in over the years, looking for the blue or orange pearl bracelet, I knew that it made sense to give the peeps what they wanted.

You can expect to see at least 15 new colors of Pearl Bracelet through 2012. Which is what I want, to see it in a limitless range of color.


SMS: Walk us through the other prints.

    Peeps: The peeps are all characters from the Arabian Nights.
    The Royal City: Similar to the Castle Town in Castle Peeps, it’s home to our Peeps, or at least where they go to the market to sell their wares and daily catches.
    Scheherazade: Is based on a traditional Moorish pattern and it, in my mind, is just like the stories– a continuous round. It’s named after the story teller of the 1001 Nights.
    Illusion: Has an optical effect, and there is so much in the stories that is illusive and alluring used as a device to entice and or distract! An amazing thing about this print is that it doesn’t seem to matter which way you cut it and sew it together. It looks like you fussy cut it.
    Illuminate: I just love how sweet this little print is. It’s candles and lamps, and it also can be used like a stripe.
    Jewels: In the Arabian Nights, there is always treasure on the line. This small print is a new favorite of mine, and it too might just continue to show up to the party over the next year(s).
    Towers: These towers protect our royal city, and work as a fantastic border. I actually really like to use the towers as stripes by cutting them horizontally, and then using the surrounding fabric as a solid. It’s like two fabrics in one!


SMS: I hear you’ve written a book!
Lizzy: I have! It’s called 1001 Peeps: Five Magical Projects. It’s expected from the printers shortly! It has been quite the process, and I am only now getting any sleep! But the idea was to release a book of patterns instead of five individual patterns. There are four fantastic quilt patterns, and a crewel embroidery project. The book is beautiful, and the photographs look like we went to Nepal. I think you are all going to love it. It’s a win, win, win.

SMS: Can you tell us about this year’s Peeps Camp Counselors and activities? When and where should our campers proceed?
Lizzy: Each Friday, until the end of August, you will meet with your next camp counselor to take part in the new activity! With each counselor you will get a little peek into their aesthetic, personality, skill set, and interpretation of 1001 Peeps! Along with a great activity, each counselor will be having a contest to enter. So make sure sign the roll and leave a comment!

June 24: Alexia Abegg, Craftopia. Alexia not only has mad skills, but she is incredibly inventive.
July 1: Beth, Lemon Cadet. You are going to have a great time with Beth, she has an incredible attention to detail.
July 8: The Fat Quarterly! You’re in for quite a treat! Let’s just say, you won’t even recognize the Fat Quarterly.
July 15: Susan Allen, of The Quilt Asylum. These ladies are going to get you in trouble.
July 22: Amanda, MrsMcPorkchopQuilts. A dream come true. Her little touches (and stars) make everything she creates special and unique
July 29: Anne Weil of Flax and Twine is new to the scene! You’ll want to keep your eye on her. She’s got a penchant for kids crafts and knitwear design.
August 5: Heather Bostic, {House} of A La Mode. This wild lady will certainly liven things up. You’ll be glad you came.
August 12: Karyn Valino, Make Something. Karyn is an amazingly gifted maker of beautiful things, with whom you’ll take a day trip to Canada and end up who knows where!
August 19: Deborah Moebes, Whipstitch. One of the smartest people I know. You’ll love anything she does.
August 26: Monica, Happy Zombie. Is there a better way to close Camp than with your favorite and mine, the happiest zombie we ever met?!

So, Campers, are you excited? Three cheers for 1001 Peeps Summer Camp! The complete collection of 1001 Peeps is available in the gift shop at the lodge.

Before you head back to your cabins, you need to complete your first activity. Take a look at this fabric and name at least four of the characters (silly, creative, serious, Disney-esque, literary–it’s up to you.)  Tell us in the comments below. Three lucky campers will win a pack of eight 1001 Peeps fat quarters. Good luck! (And don’t forget to wish Lizzy a Happy Birthday!) Tutorial from Lizzy coming right up.