Linda Feldman from CraftApple joins us today for Part 3 in the Advent Calendar Sew-Along. Find a supply list, cutting instructions and ideas for the Advent windows in Part 1, and learn how to assemble the front of the calendar in Part 2.

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Post #3 Goals: Cut out Leaf + Pear Openings, Add Optional Clip Art

1. Mark Folds on Large Leaves
Using the large leaf pattern piece and vanishing marker, mark where the fold will be on the large leaves.

2. Mark Folds on Ground Pears
Similarly, using the pear pattern piece and vanishing marker, mark where the fold will be on the 8 ground pears.

3. Cut Flaps
The openings for the large leaves and pears will be cut exactly the same size as the leaf and pear fabric pieces. Make the first cut using a rotary cutter. Cut out openings like this: On a straight edge, press the rotary cutter through all layers, but do not roll the rotary cutter. Do this to each leaf and each pear. Using these holes as a starting point for your scissors, cut flaps from fold line to fold line.

4. Mark Openings on Stabilizer
Lay the advent calendar on the stabilizer piece, with all edges flush. Opening one leaf at a time, trace the shape of the opening onto the stabilizer with a pencil.

5. Find Clip Art/Words/Family Photos, etc. to Fill in Windows
Holiday clip art can be found all over the web. In looking for images be aware that the openings of the leaves and pears are a 2” circle. If printing images, consider printing them onto sturdy cardstock. After printing, fuse the back of each sheet with fusible webbing. Cut out the shapes slightly larger than the window opening and remove the paper backing.

Another option is to cut out paper pieces and have you or your children draw images that remind them of Christmas. If doing this, fuse webbing to the back of the paper before cutting.

Note: I have not placed numbers on this advent calendar, but there is an order to the windows that can be used easily by children, shown below.

6. Arrange Images on Openings
Fuse images into place on the stabilizer.

*Hint: If you are concerned about getting ink stains on your iron plate, consider using a press cloth between your iron and the paper images.

7. Prepare Stabilizer
Apply 1” strips of fusible webbing around all 4 edges of the stabilizer piece, making sure there is ½” clearance along the outside edge. Leftover fusible webbing scraps can be used here.

Remove paper backing.

8. Fuse Fabric to Stabilizer
Lay advent calendar on top of stabilizer, making sure the windows are placed accurately over their corresponding images. Fuse fabric to stabilizer along the edges.

In the next post we’ll finish the project!

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