Whether you find a delicious gluten-free waffle recipe, or Jen’s Weekender, you’re sure to see something fun when you visit Jen Carlton Bailly. Jen shows you how to make some cute His + Hers pillows next in our True Love series, but while you wait you can check out her shop and blog. Take a look at the recent guest post she did for Figgy’s too!

Jen Carlton Bailly, otherwise known as Bettycrockerass, spends her days sewing as fast as she can during the short two hour nap time her two kids luckily take at the same time. Even though she grew up around people sewing she only recently learned to sew via blogs and online tutorials. Quilting became a fast addiction after her first baby received a beautiful quilt while in the NICU. Wanting to give back she began her search for how to make one herself to donate. Since then, she has not only found a creative outlet but also an amazing group of people that share the same love. She is ever grateful for her husband who not only supports her crazy sewing ideas but also inspires and encourages her. You can read about the projects she creates at http://www.bettycrockerass.com and buy something cute that she’s made at http://www.etsy.com/shop/bettycrockerass. You may even learn a thing or two about her crazy kids and pick up some gluten-free cooking tips.