Lena from Lena’s Place and Lena’s Patterns has a crazy-cute selection of baby and toddler shoe designs for you to sew in her shop. Today she shows you how to create this sweet Key to My Heart Valentine in our True Love series. Learn more about Lena in her introduction and at Lena’s Place, and let us know if you make one of these special Valentines!


  • Cotton and linen fabric scraps
  • Red felt scraps
  • Batting scraps
  • Embroidery floss
  • Key

1. Download the free Key to My Heart Valentine Pattern.

2. Cut all pieces according to the pattern.

3. Use the assembly guide for wording placement. I used a plain ink marker to write the text and marked the embroidery heart. It will stand to washing once dry. If you wish, stitch your wording or use another favorite technique. Stitch the tiny heart.

4. Glue the Velcro (hook) piece to the small heart and attach the heart to the middle of the left half of the big heart. I glued first and then stitched with white embroidery floss.

5. Align the last two striped pieces along the top and bottom edges of the panel and sew. Press all seams toward the striped fabric.

6. Make a long pipe from the striped fabric. Turn and fold in two to form a loop. Pin the raw edges of the loop to the center of the top edge. You might wish to pin the rest to the center, so it doesn’t get caught in the side seam.

7. Place the large linen piece on top of the ready panel and pin. Place the batting piece below the panel piece. Now sew around the sandwich, leaving an opening on the bottom side. Make the opening just large enough to push the whole thing through.

8. Iron and close the opening with hand stitching.

9. Attach the key to the loop and you’re ready!

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