Christen from Love Elaine designed this half apron as a sweet housewarming or shower gift. She also shows you how to whip up one of the flowers for embellishment. It’s a cute and easy project, and will be well-received by others (and you can always make one for your own kitchen!). Visit Love Elaine to see all Christen has in store for the year ahead, and learn even more in her introduction. Christen is giving away the apron from this tutorial to one lucky reader at Love Elaine; visit for a chance to win! You can also purchase a Love Elaine apron or other handmade gifts in Christen’s shop with a 15% off coupon through March 1 (code “SewMamaSew15”).

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Hi! I’m Christen from Love Elaine and I’m so excited to share this tutorial on Sew,Mama,Sew! I hope you enjoy this sassy half apron with a ruffle, because everything is prettier with a ruffle!

Fabric Requirements

  • ½ yd main fabric for the skirt of the apron
  • 1 yd coordinating fabric for the waistband ties and ruffle
  • ½ yd lining fabric (I used white muslin)

Cutting Instructions
From the main fabric and lining fabric:
– Cut one rectangular piece from each 16 ½” wide x 24 ½” long”

Cut from the coordinating fabric:
– Ruffle – 2, 4” x WOF strips (wof = width of fabric)
– Waistband – 1, 12”x24” piece
– Waist ties – 2, 8”x30” pieces

Making The Ruffle
Take your two 4” x WOF strips, cut off the selvedge ends, and place the two short 4” ends right sides together. Sew a ½” seam to make one long strip. Once Sewn together, cut 16” from one end.

Fold your strip in half lengthwise right sides together. Sew a 1/4” seam on each end and clip the bottom corner to remove excess.

Turn your strip with right sides facing out and iron flat. You will now have a 2” wide strip with 2 finished edges.

Using the longest straight stitch your machine allows, sew a scant ¼” across the open seam at the top and leave a long tail at each end. Pull the string from one end to gather the fabric and create your ruffle.

Making the Apron Skirt
Now, lay your main apron fabric on a flat surface with the long end on the top and bottom. Start pinning your ruffle in place ½” from the side.

Continue pinning along the bottom edge of the main fabric. If your ruffle is too short or too long, just work with it to stretch it along the bottom. It’s not an exact science and I promise once it’s sewed together it will look great!

Next, take the lining fabric piece and place on top of the main fabric and ruffle piece to make a sandwich, pinning in place.

Sew a ½” seam all the way around the 3 sides, leaving the top open.

Clip the bottom corners and turn the apron right side out. You’ll want to iron all of the seams down and top stitch ¼” around all three sides to make the fabric lay flat and hold the ruffle in place nicely.

To add the gathers to the top, measure 5” in from each side of the apron along the top. Using the same method to create the ruffle, use the longest stitch setting on your machine, leave long tails of thread on each end, and sew a scant ¼” along the top. Pull thread from one side to gather the material in the middle.

Making the Waist Band
Grab your 12” x 24” piece of coordinating fabric for the waistband. Place your piece right side down on your ironing board with the 24” side on the top and bottom. Fold in the top and bottom edges to meet in the middle and iron flat.

Fold in each end ½” and iron flat, and fold it in ½” again for a nice finished edge.

Now, fold down the top half of the waistband and iron flat.

Your waistband should now look like this.

Then top stitch along the top edge a ¼”.

Attach the Waistband to the Skirt
Place the waistband flat on your work surface. Pull back the top of the waist band and place ¾” to 1” of the apron skirt on top of the bottom of the waistband centered in the middle. Note, on my apron, the skirt top doesn’t reach the end of the waist band on either side, so I center it within the waistband. However, if yours does, that is fine too. You can either leave it that way, or pull the gathers in the center tighter; it’s completely up to you!

Place the top part of the waist band on top of the skirt and pin in place.

Sew a ¼” seam on top of the waist band to sew together.

Your apron should now look like this, ready for the ties!

Making the Ties
Grab both of your 8” x 30” strips. Place the first right side down on your ironing board with the 30” length on the top and bottom. Just like with the waistband, fold the top and bottom ends in towards each other and iron flat.

Then, on the end, fold down each inside corner as shown below and iron flat.

Next, fold in each outside corner and iron flat. You’ll end up with a point on the end.

Fold down the top of the strip and iron flat as shown below.

Sew a ¼” topstitch around all 3 sides of the tie to finish. Repeat for the second tie.

Attaching the Ties to the Waistband
If you look at the end of the waistband, you’ll notice that it has been left open and due to the folded edge of the fabric, you have a nice little pocket for the ties.

Insert the unfinished, square edge of the tie into the waistband approximately ¾” and pin in place.

Sew a ¼” along the edge of the waistband to join the waistband and ties together.

Making the Flower Embellishment
You can make any type of fabric flower you like for this apron, but here are the directions for the flower I made on the apron.

From your leftover fabric, cut 5, 4” circles from the coordinating fabric and 4, 3” circles from the main apron fabric.

Fold one of the 4” circles into fourths.

Next, place another 4” circle right side up on your table, and place the folded circle onto the flat circle with the point in the center.

Using a needle and thread, sew all 4 of the 4” circles to the fifth 4” circle.

Repeat the above step for the 3” fabric circles by alternating the placement of the folded circles over the “gaps” between the sewn folded circles.

And your finished flower will look like this.

With your needle and thread still attached to the flower, hand sew the flower onto the apron where the waistband meets the skirt. And you’re finished! This is how your finished apron will look!

I hope you’ll give this apron a try and use some of your favorite fabric! However, if you are just absolutely in LOVE with my version, head on over to my blog as I’m giving the apron away to one lucky reader! And, I hope you’ll visit my shop, Christen’s shop with aprons and other handmade gifts available. I’m offering 15% off with coupon code “SewMamaSew15” through March 1! Happy Sewing!