Last year I posted a few pictures on Facebook of some Easter eggs my kids and I had made using fabric scraps. I had quite a few questions so we decided to do it again this year with a little more detail. This is a super fun project for kids of all ages. This year we improved on our method by making the eggs sparkly!


Mod Podge Sparkle
Did you know Mod Podge comes in a variety of finishes? Gloss, Sparkle, Glitter, Hard Coat, Glow-in-the-Dark and more! (Check out the Mod Podge blog for a description of all the cool formulas.) We really liked the Sparkle formula for this project. (Beware, the sparkles really bind to finger nail polish!)

Foam Brushes
Any kind of brush will work, but I like the foam brushes for spreading evenly and not pushing the fabric around on the egg.

Paper Mache Eggs
You can get these inexpensive cardboard-like eggs at most craft stores. Yes, plastic eggs will work, but I prefer the paper mache eggs for little hands because a) they aren’t going to pop open while you’re working on them and b) the fabric slips around a bit more on the plastic eggs. The plastic eggs are no problem for more dexterous fingers though.

Fabric Scraps
I precut the scraps into small shapes using pinking sheers for a more interesting edge with less fraying.

Brush on some Mod Podge and cover the area with a scrap of fabric.

Overlap each scrap for full coverage. Coat the fabric with more Mod Podge.

Patiently wait for eggs to dry. (approximately 6 hours)

Happy Easter!