Rumi from 3patchcrafts creates her patchwork masterpieces in Bulgaria. Her designs are so fun, and we see her work everywhere these days; we just knew our week devoted to paper piecing wouldn’t be complete without a special project from Rumi! Take a look at 3patchcrafts for some amazing work like her paper pieced Sea mini-quilt or these Hearts (featured in one of our Trends posts). The hearts were the first project Rumi made with the new Bernina she won (with her Urban Landscape quilt) in a big quilting contest! Rumi’s up next with a new pattern and tutorial for you…

From Rumi: Hello, my name is Rumi. I like create things by my hands, and I love to decorate my home. I work with fabrics, felt and paper. I discovered sewing when I needed interesting clothes! Now with advantages of the internet I am lucky to share my ideas and projects in my blog, 3patchcrafts.

I love designing different quilts, turning my attention to every detail. I don’t use any specialized quilt software for drawing so my patterns are simple and great for beginners. They are a base for creating different items: coasters, wall hangings, baby quilts… I am very proud of designing a Picture Alphabet: a small simple picture for each English letter. It’s great for education and helping kids to learn letters.

You can find more patterns in my shop.