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We have another book for you to win today! We loved both The Alabama Stitch Book and Alabama Studio Style, we think the eco-couture company founder Natalie Chanin has absolutely outdone herself with her latest book, Alabama Studio Sewing + Design; A Guide to Hand-Sewing an Alabama Chanin Wardrobe!

Alabama Studio Sewing + Design is an incredibly full resource for all of the techniques used to create Alabama Chanin clothing. From the book:

    Included in this encyclopedic compilation are dresses, skirts, tops, a wrap, a poncho, a bolero, a hat and fingerless gloves. Each piece is first featured in its basic form, then with embellishments, and is then mixed, matched, and layered to showcase its stunning versatility.

Each of Natalie’s titles definitely stands alone, but the books work really well together too. Alabama Studio Sewing + Design builds on the previous titles with a seriously amazing collection of master patterns, an incredible index of design choices plus so much more.

Natalie shares a bit in the book about how “open-sourcing” the techniques and patterns used in her couture lines is important to her because it fits a democratic ideal at the heart of what she does and cares about. With Alabama Studio Sewing + Design you have the “secrets” of Natalie’s gorgeous, couture clothing at your fingertips; we love that Natalie makes her beautiful design and techniques accessible for sewists everywhere. Alabama Studio Sewing + Design is a tremendous addition to any sewing library.

Comment for your chance to win a copy of Alabama Studio Sewing + Design; A Guide to Hand-Sewing an Alabama Chanin Wardrobe. Have you tried the Alabama Studio techniques? Do you love Natalie’s couture lines? What will you make first when you get your hands on a copy of the book?– Dresses, skirts, tops, a wrap?…

(Did you see our interview with Natalie Chanin for Alabama Studio Style? She’s such a thoughtful, talented designer…)