Two hundred contestants participated in Round 1 of Fat Quarter Idol. They embraced the Sweet Child of Mine theme and compiled some amazing packs! The judges deliberated and, with great difficulty, managed to choose the top 10 finalists. Now it’s up to you to pick the first Fat Quarter Idol!

Review the 10 fat quarter packs below. Click the image to visit the Pinterest Board. Choose your three favorites in the poll below.

1. Lori Hartman

2. Josée Carrier (Charming Needle)

3. Angela Pingel (Cut to Pieces)

4. Lisa Rizzo

5. Dolores (A Labour of Love)

6. Julie (Got the Button)

7. Jennie P (I am Lily Munster)

8. Caroline Press (Trillium Design)

9. Sadie Wishart

10. Tanya Neary

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