Kristie from OCD: obsessive crafting disorder shows you how to make this easy Gardener’s Apron from just two fat quarters. We think it’s a great idea for Mother’s Day, or for teacher appreciation gifts (tuck some flower seed packets in the pockets!). This style of apron is also perfect for craft sales, markets and garage sales, giving you easy proximity and access to cash and coins.

Kristie is a quilter through and through. Visit OCD: obsessive crafting disorder for tons of sewing fun, including a great selection of free tutorials and patterns (lots of ideas for Mother’s Day there too!).

The sun is out and spring is in the air! Time to get outside and start planting some flowers, herbs and vegetables!

What better gift for Mom this Mother’s Day then a little something practical, yet pretty, to help her out in the garden? This simple Gardener’s Apron is the perfect fast yet functional gift to make for Mom or the special gardener in your life. Why not make one for yourself?


  • 1 fat quarter (18″ by 22″) of fabric for the outer part of the apron. Home decor weight is advised. I used canvas.
  • 1 fat quarter of coordinating fabric for the accent and lining. This can be home decor weight or quilting cotton, such as the Denyse Schmidt print shown here.
  • 1 package (3 yards) of coordinating store bought or home-made extra wide double fold bias tape
  • Coordinating thread and sewing supplies (sewing machine, scissors, cutting mat, etc.)

Sewing Instructions:
1. Align outer and lining fabrics, right sides facing.

2. Stitch around edges using a 1/4 inch seam, leaving a 4 inch opening in one of the short (18″) sides.

3. Clip corners.

4. Invert right side facing through opening.

5. Use small blunt object, such as a chopstick, to press out clipped corners. Press, folding in raw edges at open area.

6. Remove bias tape from package (or make your own). Stitch along length, close to edge.

7. Knot ends. Cut bias tape in half to make 2 straps.

8. Lay out apron so lining side is facing up. The top of the apron will be the side that has the hole. Flip this top edge over on itself, as shown, by 1.5 inch. Pin in place along length. Tuck raw ends of bias straps in on either end.

9. Sew along length, close to the edge, and over ends to secure straps in place.

Note: Ensure raw edges of the hole are tucked inside as you sew. This will close up that opening!

10. Do some top stitching long other short (18″) edge. This will become the top of your pockets.

11. Fold bottom edge up over lining so that pockets measure 8 inches deep. Pin in place. Sew along right and left edges of apron to secure, close to edge. You may wish to insert a tag along this seam.

12. Last step! Measure two lines along the pocket, each 5 inches from the sides of the apron. These can be marked by folding and creasing with an iron, or using a ruler and dissolving marker. Sew along these markings from the bottom edge of the apron to the top pocket edge. This divides the pocket into sections.

Wear your apron by wrapping bias straps around your waist and tying with a bow in front. Fill pockets with seeds and tools and get outside and enjoy the fresh air!