Kelley from Casa Crafty shows you how to make an Obi-Style Belt from a fat quarter. Refresh your wardrobe with this easy project!… Kelley’s cost total for the belt?– $5! Learn more about Kelley in her introduction and don’t miss the pretty laminated cotton bags in her shop.

What’s a Fat Quarter? Learn more here and pick up some fat quarters here. You can also take a look at some of our other Fat Quarter tutorials.

Hi, everyone! I am Kelley. I have a little blog, Casa Crafty. I like to sew, craft, create, build with Legos, and do just about anything with my kiddos. Casa Crafty is where I share what I make, and what happens with my days. When I was directed to the Sew,Mama,Sew! fat quarter call for submissions, I knew just what I wanted to try. Surprise! It worked and worked well!

I am not a quilter, but I do have a formula for things I create. Because I am mainly a bag maker, my interest naturally gravitates to pouches and purses and containers. I really wanted to think outside of my little box, so I made a belt– An Obi-style belt to be specific. So here it is, the Fat Quarter Obi by Casa Crafty for Sew,Mama,Sew!

You Will Need:
From your fat quarter:

  • A: 4 pieces at: 21 1/2″ x 1″
  • B: 4 pieces at: 11″ x 3 1/2″
  • C: 2 pieces of the Obi Belt Pattern


  • 2 pieces interfacing at 11″ x 3 1/2″ (B)
  • 1 piece interfacing of pattern (C)

I used Pellon craft fuse for stability.

Tip: If you have a directional print pay attention to how you cut it out.

Steps for Construction:
1. With two of your long thin straps (A) right sides together, sew the long sides down. leave the two ends open for easier turning. Repeat with the other two long thin straps. This should give you two long thin straps inside out. Turn the straps right side out and press.

2. Take your two pieces of pattern C with right sides facing, place the 1 piece of matching interfacing on top. You should have it layered: two pieces fat quarter right sides together and interfacing on top. Sew the two long sides, or top and bottom. You will need to notch or clip up to the seam (being careful not to clip the seam) so that the finished panel turns right side out with the curve easily. Now turn it right side out and press. When you are ironing, turn the two short sides towards the interior about a 1/4″ and press this for topstitching. You will be inserting the side panels here and then topstitching them down.

3. Okay, now we get really wordy. Take two of your pieces B, right sides together. with a finished long thin strap in the middle. This should be a sandwich:

      Bottom: Piece of B right side up,


      Next: Finished long thin strap A,


    Next: Right side facing down piece of B, then a piece of interfacing to match.

Whew!… Sew down the two long sides and the short side, catching the long thin strap. See the image above… Repeat with other two pieces B and long thin A with interfacing. Clip corner, turn and press.

4. Assembling the whole shebang: Place the raw edge of the side panel into your ironed edge of back panel, same on the other side with other piece. Pin in place. You should have five pieces that all connect and resemble a belt… Now you are going to top stitch all the sides of pieces B and piece C. You should catch pieces B in the top stitch side seams of piece C. I did a final pressing after finishing off the very tips of the long thin straps A.



The total cost was around $5 after interfacing, thread and a fat quarter. This took about an hour to put together.

Go make one! Thanks for having me Sew,Mama,Sew!