We really think Wendi’s tutorial for our Fat Quarter Series (up next!) is lots of fun. You’ll love her Carrying Can, and so will the kids in your life. Wendi has some pretty great resources on her Shiny Happy World blog; take a look at Sewing School and Embroidery School! Wendi also has a wide variety of patterns, supplies, kits and more in her Shiny Happy World shop. Wendi’s up next with her great idea for repurposing a tin can! Intrigued?!

Howdy! I’m Wendi from Shiny Happy World. I spent over twenty years working in the children’s book industry and the experience has left its mark on me; all of my favorite artists are children’s book illustrators, I believe people are basically good, and I can’t abide beige.

I love teaching beginners of all ages how to sew and embroider. I never release a pattern until I’ve made videos demonstrating all the skills you’ll need to make that project, so people can jump right into whatever project they’re most excited about. Anyone can sew! Really! (No, really! I mean it!)

I also love quilting and I’ve recently started designing super-easy quilt patterns too. You can find my first one here and there are many more in the works.

(Image is Wendi’s new Buttonholes Quilt design.)

2013 Update: Hi! I’m Wendi Gratz and I teach sewing, quilting and embroidery over at Shiny Happy World. Everything I do is easy peasy (and supported by lots of free how-to videos) so beginners can jump right in and experienced stitchers can enjoy a relaxing, fun project.

I’ve been working on a collection of Monster Patterns so I’ve had monsters on the brain lately. One of my favorite monstrous projects is my Beast Bag designed especially as a library tote bag. He’s got a secret special monster pocket inside to hold your library card!

My main site/blog is Shiny Happy World.
My shop is at http://shinyhappyworld.bigcartel.com/products.