Rachael’s up next with a really fun way to use the pretty, new Quilt Blocks fabric collection designed by Ellen Luckett Baker. You’ll love the look and the fun idea for a project, and Rachael takes you through it step-by-step. Visit imagine gnats for lots of heartfelt glimpses into a busy life with her girls, more tutorials, and plenty of fun, crafting energy.

I’m Rachael Gander; mom to two energetic girlies, wife to my best friend, all-around crafty lady, fabric enthusiast, and blogger. i have an incredible (and perhaps, at times, compulsive) desire to express myself. Over the years, this has taken many forms– sewing, quilting, knitting, graphic design, and painting– to name a few.

I first learned to sew alongside my mom, but lost interest in the craft until about ten years ago when I got my own machine and starting experimenting with pattern design, sewing for myself and my children. I blog about my crafty pursuits at imagine gnats, where I also offer free printable downloads, patterns, and tutorials.

I aim to inspire others to create, to dream, and to never stop imagining the possibilities that exist within each of us.