MissEnota (or Kristin!) from And Chips shows you how to make this easy Blanket Roll Up today. Use it for picnic blankets, beach towels or customize it to fit your own carrying needs (whatever they may be)! MissEnota fills you in on the hardware you need and gives you the step-by-step breakdown for the full design. Learn more about MissEnota in her introduction, and visit her at And Chips and on Pinterest too!

The Ready,Set,Go! theme actually sprung from my suggestion on Facebook so I really wanted to participate! Right about now you might be saying, “What the heck is a blanket roll and why do I need to make one right now?” I’m here to help.

A blanket roll is a nifty contraption used to hold your blanket, beach towel, sleeping bag, etc. in a tight, handy roll. You can even contain useful things inside such as sunscreen, a paperback, a pillow, toys… But I digress. Hikers, soldiers, scouts and cowboys used them and now, so can you! In addition, this would make a terrific and useful accessory to present a quilt as a gift to someone.

This project is highly customizable. I used materials I had on hand but you could find everything you need from a site such as Strapworks or you could repurpose items from worn out backpacks or gear. There are a number of different combinations of hardware that will make a good roll (but I will tell you what I used). The important thing is to gather hardware and webbing that are the same width (I used 1”). Also, the dimensions of the design can be tweaked without difficulty to fit a smaller or larger rolled item. Mine easily carries anything from a throw to a king size quilt.


  • 2 Single Adjust Side Release Buckles
  • 2 Bar Slides
  • 2 D Rings
  • 2 Snap Hooks
  • 1 Strap Adjuster
  • 6 feet of Webbing
  • ¼ Yard Fabric (at least 42” wide and 8” long– *I used ANNBETH canvas-like cotton from IKEA.)



    Cut fabric into three rectangles: 4” x 42”, 4” x 19”, and 4” x 19”

    For each piece, follow these steps:
    1. On the short sides, press in a half inch and sew with a quarter inch seam.

    2. Fold in half and iron into a two-inch strip.

    3. Open that fold and press each side toward the center. (*If using a light-weight fabric, insert a two-inch strip of interfacing or batting before next step.)

    4. Press once more on center fold to form a one-inch strip.

    5. Sew a quarter inch seam along length to form straps.

    The 42” piece as well as one of the 19” pieces make up the shoulder strap.

    At one end of each, slide on a snap hook, fold under a three-inch tail and tack in place at both ends (or with the method you like best). At the other end of the longer piece, attach the strap adjuster (just the hole farthest from the thumb grip) and tack another three-inch tail. You can feed the free end of the short strap up through the strap adjuster now (you might find a pair of tweezers handy for this) and your shoulder strap is finished.

    The other 19” piece is the handle for the roll. Slide a D Ring onto each end and pin a three-inch tail underneath each one. To tack these down, I used a straight stitch covered with a short, wide zigzag at both ends, leaving a 1 ¼” gap for the webbing strap to feed through.

    Cut webbing into two, 36” lengths.

    For each piece, follow these steps:
    1. Use a lighter on cut ends to prevent fraying.

    2. Add bar slide first, next attach male/forked end of buckle, then weave webbing back through the bar slide. Leave a few inches of tail and sew the last half-inch underneath (this will prevent the straps from falling out of the slides).

    3. Feed the free end of each webbing piece through the openings you left earlier in the fabric handle.

    4. Slide on the remaining female/not forked buckle halves and tack/sew down a… Wait for it!… Three-inch tail.

    You should now have an H-shaped blanket roll assembly.

    The shoulder strap clips onto the D Rings.

    To use: Lay it out unbuckled, roll your blanket and buckle it in.

    Congratulations! You have made a Blanket Roll Up. I hope to see you soon with it at the beach, watching fireworks, or on the trail.

    Thank you, and please visit me at And Chips; I’d love to hear from you!

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