When Pinterest was new we jumped right in at the recommendation of many of our Twitter friends. Wow, it was awesome! We began Pinning like mad with no real thought to organization, no concern about attribution, and no follow-up on our repins. We just “pinned”, “liked”, and “repinned” furiously.

In the past few months we’ve realized the error of our ways. Our boards were unorganized, we had unattributed Pins that led only to a Tumblr page, a Google search or nothing at all. Many of our Pins were irrelevant to our readers and followers. Plus, we were so disorganized it was getting impossible to find that Pin we were looking for!

Well, I just spent a good part of the weekend deleting, testing and reorganizing our Pinterest boards so they will be useful to us and, I sincerely hope, helpful to you. Since the way we organize our Handmade Holidays posts works so well for us year after year, I decided to follow a similar method of categorization for our boards: Sew It! (women, babies, bags, etc.) Stitch It, Print It, and so on.

SMS Pinterest Boards

I can’t promise that our boards or our Pins are perfect, but I do think they are much better. Throughout the process of reorganizing, I made a commitment to myself to Pin more conscientiously from this point forward and will, in fact, take it one step further and pledge to our Pinterest followers that we will try our best to:

Be Well Organized

We will give our boards intuitive names and try to make sure the Pins on each of those boards belong there. (We still have some work to do.) As our boards grow, it may become necessary to split them up further. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to Follow All our boards and not just a few. We don’t want you to miss anything!

Test Links

Before repinning an image we will click on it to make sure the link goes to the original source, not just a Tumblr page, Google search or a page error.

Provide Attribution

For several months we’ve been adding the name of the blog and/or author of a Pin to the description. We will continue to do this.

Curate Well

If you follow us on Pinterest, we hope that you find our Pins to be relevant, selective and current. It is our goal to Pin quality tutorials, amazing inspiration, and cool products that we think you’d like.

We do hope you’ll join us on Pinterest and if you feel so inclined, that you’ll pledge to be a more conscientious Pinterest user too.

Pinterest Pledge

What do you think? Are these lofty goals? Does it take the fun out of Pinterest? Or, if you think it’s a good idea, let us know!