Teresa from Crinkle Dreams is the editor of WebCents magazine, an industry trade magazine from the FabShop Network. In 2006 Teresa and her two children went to Vietnam to volunteer in two orphanages; they returned in 2009 and hope to visit again in 2013. They fell in love with the children in Tam Ky and continue to work from home in the states to support the orphanages.

Teresa has a dream to send “quality, handmade items” to the children, and you can help! Teresa’s charity sewing drive needs shorts, dresses, messenger bags, pencil pouches and simple diapers, all sewn to withstand a lot of wear. She must receive items by September 30!

Please visit Teresa’s post for more information. There are lots of ways to help, whether you have lots of time or just a little. There are more than 100 children (newborn to 17 years old) in the orphanage, all of whom could use something handmade with love from you.