Georgia Leigh joined us on the blog before, both with tutorials and as a board member. Georgia and her son created today’s free PDF Clown Costume tutorial just for you! Visit Georgia on her blog and check out her pattern shop for much more…

I absolutely adore Halloween. What other day of the year can you dress up in a costume, visit every single one of your neighbors AND get candy all in one night? It’s magical. Needless to say, we own a LOT of costumes and a TON of capes! With six kids that multiplies out to be about a gazillion dress-up options. Give or take a few.

To celebrate this lovely and magical holiday, I’ve created a fantastic and EASY tutorial to make your own clown costume complete with hilariously oversized tie and pants. Click HERE to download the PDF.

Earlier this summer my then six-year-old Joseph decided to check out some books on clowning so he could become one himself. He has always enjoyed making people laugh. He is the third, after all. After thoroughly reading everything he could about being a clown he decided to design himself a costume. Being a pattern designer myself, I must say I was very proud! I immediately got to work making his costume per his instructions.

He is the designer and mastermind behind this great costume. I merely made it come to life and in the process made a colorful step-by-step tutorial so you can make one too! It even includes a pattern for cutting out the tie.

I hope this holiday brings you many happy memories and lots and lots of candy! Feel free to visit me over at Georgia Leigh for more costume tutorials and very deep and enlightening discussion on topics like rude people at the grocery store and why no one has picked up the dirty socks strewn on the stairs for longer than I care to admit.