There was lots of great info in our Craft Fair Series last week. We learned about Preparation, Display + Packaging, Tips for Customer Interaction and Types of Fairs/Markets + Considerations.

Several people wrote in with some additional resources and we also found some fun resources for booth display inspiration and more; we’re sharing it all today on one handy page.

Photos + More

Sew Lola Market Display

Posts from our Readers

  • Amy from badskirt has a great Market Checklist to help with preparation.
  • Lorraine from ikat bag writes, “My kids (and I, by association) participated in a Kids’ Craft Fair this past July. It was a fair by kids– they sold things they made and at the end the kids were allowed to barter their wares with each other. We made notecard sets and little notebooks, so no actual sewing involved. It was definitely interesting and very educational for my kids, I thought. My girls are 4, 5 and 7 (at the time) and we had to work around constraints, e.g. the items had to be made by the kids, not their parents, and they had to be priced at $2 or less. We didn’t make a whole lot of profit from it, which is often the way with craft fairs (at least, much less profit than selling handmade through an online shop like Etsy) but we enjoyed the learning experience. I blogged about it here, and tried to be as honest as I could about managing expectations and so on…”
  • Make Olympia has lots of resources in their lower, right sidebar including Reference Books + Websites and info on Creating Your Display.
  • Lola from Sew Lola writes, “…I love to sell on craft shows because I get instant feedback from my customers and have the chance to meet them in person. For display, I use a neutral tablecloth, mostly cream color linen or lace because the color show my items better. Also, wooden bookshelves to take advantage of height space of my table booth. Yesterday, I was selling at a craft show called Stitch Rock. (See Lola’s photo above!) My last advice would be to dress the part and have a great time! My style is romantic and shabby chic so I sewed a cute dress and wore it. I received many compliments, both from my booth display and dress!”
  • Holly is part of a local craft group called Make:Tulsa and wrote a popular post on the Make:Tulsa blog all about craft shows. She writes, “Additionally, I have blogged about many of my craft show experiences on my own blog with plenty of pictures. In these posts, I give display ideas, show off some of the promotional items I’ve included in swag bags, and I even put together a playlist with inspiring music to fuel the hours of preparation that go into a craft show! You can view these posts here.”