Kate from KackaD and www.broucek.cz designed this easy soft toy for you to sew and share with kids (and kids at heart)! Learn more about Kate in her introduction, and check out Kate’s other designs at www.broucek.cz and in the KackaD shop.

Hello! Thank you very much for downloading my Pattern for a funny dog Pinky (or Blue), which was written exclusively for Sew,Mama,Sew! I will take you through the instructions step-by-step, and the result will be a nice soft toy about 12 inches (30 cm) high. Have a fun!

This pattern is for private use only, created by Kate Dachovska of KackaD, http://www.broucek.cz and the KackaD shop.


  • Cotton fabric for head: 17 x 12 cm – 7 x 5 inch
  • Cotton fabric for body: 14 x 17 cm – 7 x 6 inch
  • Cotton fabric for ears and fleece for back side of ears: 18 x 11 cm
  • Pattern
  • 7 x 5 inch
  • Fleece for legs: 26x22cm – 11 x 9 inch
  • Fleece for back side of whole body: 18x32cm – 7 x 13 inch
  • Stuffing: 60 g – 0.13 lb
  • Optional: fabric color for face

(Instead of fleece you can use also minky.)

1. Print the Pattern and cut it: 1x head, 1x body, 1x ear, 1x leg.

2. Legs
Fold fleece for legs along longer side on half. You want to have right sides inside. On the wrong side trace pattern of leg 4x (see picture). I am using a normal pencil to trace.

Sew it: do not forget to leave an opening for stuffing.

Cut excess fleece and turn legs into right side.

Stuff it very softly– really just little bit– and let it sit for later.

3. Ears
Take fleece for ears and cotton fabric for ears and put them right sides together.

Trace pattern on the wrong side of cotton fabric.

Sew it: do not forget to leave opening for stuffing.

Cut out excess fabric and turn ears onto right side. Let them sit for later.

4. Body
On the wrong side of cotton fabric for head trace pattern for head and cut it.

On the wrong side of cotton fabric for body trace the pattern for the body and cut it.

According to the picture, place head on the body (right sides together) and sew it.

Iron seam to one side; usually I iron it on the side of body or on the side where you have darker fabric.

5. Everything Together
Now it is time to finish your toy.

Place ears and legs as you see on the picture, right sides together, and pin it carefully in place.

Here you can see the whole body.

Take body and with its right side put it on the right side of fleece for the back. The back side of the toy is just fluffy fleece so there is no need for preparation.

Pin it carefully.

As you see in the picture– Where you can see my pencils is the stuffing hole; here you should not sew. You can mark it on the body.

Sew it together.

Cut out excess fleece, then you should cut a small place between head and body as you see on the picture. Do it on both sides (left and right side of neck).

Turn the whole toy into the right side; start with legs, then hands and, at the end, the head.

Stuff it and close stuffing hole.

Now you can draw a face. You can also use felt or stitch it; it is up to you.

Pinky and Blue are very easy soft toys. We do not use any dangerous buttons or ribbons so they can be nice gift for babies. At the end you can see my dog made with a knitted body; it is also very nice. Or you can use plush. You can do anything what you want!

I hope you enjoy sewing with me and maybe next time I will prepare something more complicated. Thanks to Sew,Mama,Sew! for such a great opportunity to write an article.

Original handmade by KackaD for Sew,Mama,Sew!