Heather from The Sewing Loft shows you how to make these sweet little Hearth Pins today. Don’t miss Heather’s introduction, with lots of links to some of the fun projects and series she has at The Sewing Loft. Some of Heather’s patterns are coming to Sew,Mama,Sew! too, so keep your eyes out for those soon.

Hi, everyone! I’m Heather, and I’m excited to share these simple felt hearts pins today. They are the perfect project to practice your handy stitch work!

Now, I want to start the project off with a clear sentiment: “There is no wrong way to make these!” You are only limited by your imagination. These images are just examples of what can be done with a few simple hand embroidery stitches, felt, vintage treasures and pure fun!


  • Felt in assorted colors
  • Heart Template
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Stuffing
  • Vintage Trims & Findings
  • Flat Back Pins
  • Phoomph (optional, for a quick no-sew method)

Cutting Instructions:
Cut 3: Large heart shape.

Cut 1: Small heart shape.

Sewing Instructions:
Position and pin the smaller heart shape in place on one layer of large heart. With embroidery needle and thread, back stitch all along the inside edge of heart. To create contrast twist bring needle up on inside of stitch, cross over and slip under back stitch. Continue all around outline to achieve a roping outlook.

Make a small cut on the backside of heart. *Be careful to only cut through one layer. Fill with stuffing for added dimension.

Attach the flat back pin to the center of the back side heart with a few quick stitches. Make sure it is securely attached in place.

Now the fun begins. Sandwich together three layers of your large heart, and blanket stitch all around the outside edge in a contrast color. Create small flowers, add vintage trims, buttons or additional embroidery. The sky’s the limit here. To help get you started I created a PDF template that includes simple illustrations for the popular hand embroidery stitches and an easy pattern guide.

Don’t have time for all that hand stitching but still want to create something fun? Have no fear, I have you covered with a no-sew version! Well, let’s be fair… It’s semi-no-sew.

Just make the top layer as you wish, remove the middle layer of felt and follow the below instructions. You will have these together in a snap!

I hope you enjoyed this easy how-to. I would love to have you stop by for a visit or share a few photos. That would surely make me smile!