Download today’s free PDF pattern from Lindsey Rhodes of LRstitched. Lindsey shows you how to make a Sweetheart Quilt Block which you can incorporate into a pillow, quilt or more! Take a look around at LRstitched for more fun tutorials like this great Pinwheel Potholder or a Hexagon Belt. Have fun with the Sweetheart Block, and let us know in the comments if you make one! Download the free PDF pattern here.

The Sweetheart is a 12.5″ (unfinished) quilt block that is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

You can make it scrappy, as shown, or use a single fabric for the heart and background.

The block has two gentle curves but goes together quickly. Make a mini quilt, a pillow, or use your block to make a tote bag to give to someone you love. Enjoy!

Print pattern and cut templates on the dotted lines. 1/4″ seam allowance included. Set printer settings to Actual Size. Do not shrink to fit.

Difficulty:: Advanced Beginner– If you can sew a drunkard’s path, you can make this!

Begin by cutting out all templates along the dotted lines. A 1/4″ seam allowance is included on all templates. For the double lettered parts of the key block (AA, etc.) you will turn each template face down and cut the mirror image of the original template.

I find it helpful to use a washable fabric pen to write the coordinating template letter on each cut piece for quick assembly.

1. Stitch together E to F and EE to FF. Press seams open.

2. Carefully matching the bottom heart point, pin and stitch your completed E/F and EE/FF units together. Press seam open.

3. Lay out your A, B, C + D pieces as shown. You will stitch A to B and C to D and then attach the two units together.

Pin carefully and sew the curved units together.

Press seam open being careful not to stretch the curve.

Stitch the two finished units together and press seam open.

Your heart is beginning to take shape! Repeat Step 3 for your AA, BB, CC + DD units. After completing the other half of your heart, match the ‘v’ point at the top of your heart and stitch together your top two units. Press seam open.

4. Almost done! Carefully pin together the top and bottom half of the heart. Take care to match the center point and the two outer heart points. Stitch together with a 1/4″ seam.

This part can be tricky to match up– the outer curve of the heart. I like to pin the entire unit and then only stitch through the connecting point of the curve to make sure I have lined it up correctly. That way if I need to readjust there are not many stitches to rip out. Repeat for the other curves and when you have it just right, stitch the entire seam.