Wendi Gratz from Shiny Happy World is back with Flora, a bird sewn with felt and pretty stitches. Welcome Spring with a whole flock! You can download a copy of our Pocket Stitch Book to help you with the embroidery on the bird. Learn more about Wendi in her introduction. Wendi has tons of video tutorials for sewing techniques plus lots of projects at Shiny Happy World. Enjoy!

Flora is all hand sewn from wool blend felt and colorful embroidery thread, making her an easy, portable project, perfect for carrying around in your purse.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 sheet of wool blend felt (I used peacock)
  • A scrap of contrasting felt for the beak
  • Assorted embroidery thread, including one color to match the felt (DMC #3848 matches the peacock felt)
  • Poly-fill stuffing and a few largish nuts for weight
  • Needle
  • Pattern

Step 1
Transfer the Pattern to the felt. When I discovered Sulky Sticky Fabri-solvy it changed my life. I made a video showing how awesome it is here. I call it The Magical Embroidery Stuff and I use it for everything.

Step 2
Stitch the design. I used two strands of embroidery thread and the following stitches: Backstitch for all lines. French knots for all dots. Lazy Daisy stitch for the flowers. (Download the Pocket Stitch Book for help with the embroidery or find video tutorials for the stitches at Shiny Happy World.)

Step 3
Cut out the shapes.

Step 4
Soak off the stabilizer and let the pieces dry.

Step 5
Time to start putting it all together! Use 2 strands of matching embroidery thread to whipstitch all the pieces together.

Sew one stitched wing to one “naked” wing, all the way around the edge. Repeat for the second wing.

Step 6
Sew the belly to one side of the bird. Start sewing at the tail of the bird, matching it to the wider end of the belly piece, and sew all the way to the top of the belly piece.

Step 7
Sew the other side of the belly to the other bird piece. Start again down at the tail and sew all the way up to the top, but this time keep going past the belly, sewing the two sides of the face together.

Step 8
Slip the beak between the layers of the face and keep stitching. Instead of whipstitching up and over the edges of the felt, stitch through the beak.

Step 9
Sew up the back, starting at the tip of the tail. Stop sewing about halfway up the back and stuff the tail. Mix a few large nuts into the stuffing to weight her bottom, otherwise she’ll tend to tip forward. Sew up a bit higher on her back and stuff in more stuffing. Finish sewing and stuffing until she’s nice and plump, and all sewn up.

Step 10
Pin the wings in place, one on each side of the body. Use the grid pattern you embroidered to line them up exactly. Thread a long needle and knot the end. Starting sewing underneath one wing, near the top. Sew through the body and out the other side, through the opposing wing. Take a small stitch back into the wing, through the body and out through the first wing. Stitch back and forth like this a few times to secure the wings. Don’t pull the thread too tight or you’ll distort the shape of her body. Knot your thread underneath one wing and bury the tail.

She’s finished! don’t you want to sew a whole flock of these beauties?

I’m on a mission to teach people that anyone can sew. Visit Shiny Happy World for video tutorials and patterns designed especially for beginners.