Tasha Miller Griffith created a PDF e-book called Hello Sewing Machine, Learn How to Sew with Basics for Every Sewing Machine. She’s going to answer some sewing questions from beginners in an upcoming post so let them fly in the comments below. What have you always wondered about learning to sew? Don’t be intimidated… Now’s your chance to ask. Let’s hear your why‘s and how‘s? Nothing is too basic.

Here’s what Tasha has to say about the e-book:

After I discovered the wonderful world of indie pattern companies, helpful blogs, and fellow sewers that exists online, it still seemed to me that there wasn’t much for people who have never used a sewing machine before. I know a lot of people who have a sewing machine sitting in their closet, but don’t quite have the confidence to get it out and start using it. I also believe that learning to sew can be a big step toward a more thoughtful way of approaching the things we wear and use. All these ideas motivated me to write a tutorial that could bridge the gap and empower more people to start sewing!

I wrote and illustrated this e-book assuming that readers are starting from scratch. It takes you through the basics of how your sewing machine works, and how to start making things. I made it as clear, simple, and approachable as I could, using things I learned by teaching in-person sewing classes. It has over 50 illustrations, and detailed instructions for every step. I want someone learning on their own to be able to get started sewing with just this guide and a few simple tools, and also for it to be helpful to those who want to teach a friend to sew but aren’t quite sure where to start.