We love all of the Bombshell Swimsuits popping up this season. This white suit from Carolyn of Handmade by Carolyn is one of our favorites. You can find the Bombshell Swimsuit pattern here, designed by Heather of Closet Case Files.

Carolyn writes:
I made my version using white polyester lycra from my local fabric store, Fabulous Fabrics in Perth, Western Australia. I take all of my own photos, including those ones on my blog of me modeling my bathers, using a tripod and remote control. “Bathers”– that’s what we call a swimsuit in Australia, by the way!

The bathers are for me and I chose white because I’ve always loved the simple classic elegance of white for summer and the beach; it is a colour that transcends “fashion,” I think. I suppose the famous ’60’s pictures of Marilyn Monroe wearing very similar white bathers must have been a subliminal influence.

I’m thrilled with my new bathers– possibly the most flattering pair of bathers I think I’ve ever had– and I love the retro look. The design manages to somehow look both sexy and modest at the same time. That’s no mean feat in a swimsuit! Come summer I’m planning to do lots of swanning about, poolside!

Learn more about the “bathers” on Carolyn’s blog!