One of the things I love about the online sewing community is that we talk openly about the many sources of our inspiration. We discuss what energizes us and we share references to what excites us. We use our creativity to build on ideas and we recognize the derivative nature of art and entertainment.

Unfortunately, when you admit you were inspired by a TV show you might get contacted by lawyers. Apparently we can’t use the term “sewing bug-with-a-stinger” and we can’t make reference to what inspired us. I’m not in a position to argue. I need to make it clear that our contest is not affiliated with any TV show or production company. It’s just me and Beth, typing in our jammies.

But we can make the most of this. I like “Sewing Match” better anyway, don’t you? Bees are collaborative, so the name never really made a lot of sense to me but I wanted to honor the inspiration. But “Sewing Match” is a contest! Amiright? Can I get “woot woot” for moving on? Let this Match begin!