We’re all really lucky Erin jumped into the world of blogs! Her Sewbon.com blog is already full of beautiful sewing. Erin has a really practical and pretty project coming up next here; you’ll love her Pool Tote! First enjoy learning more about Erin and stop by Sewbon.com. (Just look at this dress, and her cute new Wiksten Tank and this Color Block Skirt Tutorial…!)

Hello! My name is Erin and I’m a newlywed living in Denver, Colorado with my wonderful husband and our small menagerie– a precocious standard poodle, a three-legged tabby cat and a crabby calico cat. I also blog about sewing and DIY projects over at Sewbon.com. I recently started up my blog as a way to document my projects and get more involved with the wonderful folks of the online sewing community. Seriously, everyone I’ve “met” so far is so amazing and supportive!


Erin’s Derby-Inspired Clutch

I’m absolutely enamored with everything about sewing and crafting. If craftiness is an inheritable trait, I like to think I got mine from my grandmother. My grandmother was one of the craftiest ladies I’ve ever known. She was a seamstress, a knitter, a quilter and a painter, among many other things. I have such fond memories of her knitting matching sweaters for my sister and me, working hard to create beautiful family quilts and spending quality time with me doing fun, small crafts. Every time I create something with my own two hands, I feel like I’m honoring my grandmother. My blog name is actually pronounced the same as my maiden name!

I started sewing a couple of years ago after taking an “Intro to Sewing Class” at a local sewing boutique. I was immediately hooked and quickly got a sewing machine. I love spending hours pouring over sewing blogs and I’m beyond excited to be guest posting on Sew Mama Sew as this is one of the first sewing blogs I ever subscribed to! I would love it if you would come visit me at Sewbon.com!