Nell from Nell’s Notions shows you how to make this flattering summer skirt today. It’s an easy project, perfect for your favorite fabrics. You can also easily adjust for different sizes by adding more bell-shaped sections to your skirt. Learn more about Nell in her introduction and have fun with the Summer’s Day Skirt!

Hi there, I am Nell, of Nell’s Notions.  As a busy mom of four young kids, I like my wardrobe to be super simple, but it is nice when it’s super pretty too!


Lizzie House’s Pearl Bracelet fabric and other great graphic prints inspired me to design this very easy, one-day skirt project that I now wear every day.  Pull on and go! Enjoy!


– 2.5 yards quilting cotton or linen (more for directional prints)
Pattern piece PDF
– 1 yard  ¾ inch elastic
– Coordinating thread


1. Print out pattern piece PDF, tape together the six pages and cut it out.


It will be approximately a bell shape.


2. Lay out your fabric and cut out the pattern x 10.  In other words, 10 bell shapes.


3. With right sides together, sew a ½ inch seam down the long end of each piece.  Sew each successive piece onto the next in a line.


Wrap the sewn fabrics around you; there should be plenty of room for a gathered waist. If you need a larger size, add another bell-shaped section or two.


4. Before sewing the last seam, to make the skirt tube, stop and finish the inside of all the seams with a serging stitch; for me, this is stitch 8 on my machine (make sure to switch to your zipper foot).


5. Sew the last seam and finish this seam. Now you will have the skirt tube that will actually look like a droopy umbrella.


6. Iron all seams the same direction and topstitch, lining up the left side of your ¼ inch foot with the edge of the seam.




Note: take care not to sew through another section of the skirt tube while doing so and be sure to pay attention at the bottom of the skirt. Give a gentle pull to the fabric on each side of the seam to make sure this seam is all the way open before you stitch as this is what creates the flare at the bottom.



7. Double-fold a ¼ inch hem around the bottom of the skirt.


8. Fold over 1/4 inch at the top of the skirt and then fold again 1 inch to create a 1 inch channel.  Stitch almost around the entire skirt, a scant 1/16 inside of the folded edge, leaving open a ½ inch opening to thread the elastic through.  *Don’t worry if you have a few puckers; the skirt is so gathered, this will not be noticed.  However, do go slow and try to straighten the bulk of the skirt to your left on the table as you sew to help minimize puckering.




9. Cut elastic 2 inches shorter than your waist size and thread through the opening in the channel.  Tack the elastic together and close up the waist seam.

10. Voila!  Your Summer’s Day Skirt is done!



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