We received hundreds of audition emails for The Super Online Sewing Match. We read each email and looked at all of your photos. There were many common threads in the applications… So many of us share a history of making doll clothes, learning skills in 4-H, home-ec classes and at the sides of our talented mothers and grandmothers (dads and grandpas too!). Many of us carted sewing machines off to college or dove into sewing with a passion while home with young children. You all make beautiful clothes, bags and more, and you have touching stories about what sewing means to you; sewing is an art, a passion, a piece of you that you share with the lucky people in your life. We were touched by the lovely photos and the impassioned pleas for a chance to compete (there were even letters of support from husbands!). If you sent in an audition email and weren’t selected, please know that we could have chosen dozens of great contestants; bringing it down to just 10 was very difficult. We chose individuals who we think are the best sewists for the five challenges ahead. We hope everyone who applied joins in the Community Match and sews along.

We had to select just 10 contestants for The Super Online Sewing Match and the following individuals shone with their skill, style, spunk and dedication. We’ll share much more about them in the days ahead… We’re very pleased to announce the 10 Super Online Sewing Match Contestants!


Melissa from Scavenger Hunt

Melissa loves vintage fashion and sews a lot of fifties and sixties-inspired dresses and blouses.


Irene from Froo & Boo

Check out Irene’s Kate Middleton-inspired Military Coat and her Burberry-Inspired School Coat!


Charise from Charise Creates

This is a recent block made by Charise; she designs paper piecing patterns, apparel and more!


Kelli from True Bias

Some of Kelli’s latest favorite garments include this blazer, a tie dye maxi and a button-up shirt. Kelli recently moved to New York City and writes that she uses sewing “as a way to explore creativity through my wardrobe.”


Ashley from Ashley Lotecki Illustration & Design

Ashley had some of the most unique photos of all the entries. She shared some incredible costumes and vintage-inspired sewing.


Nicole from Nicole at Home

Nicole sews for herself, her husband, for kids and more!


Lori from Girls in the Garden

Lori sent in photos of her girls holding Weekender bags, all made by Lori! She often sews for herself, and has a podcast too.


Ngoc, on Flickr and Pinterest

Ngoc writes that she sews at a “glacial speed,” from lots of cute dresses to swimwear and more.


Mary from Young, Broke, and Fabulous

Mary writes that sewing is the “first thing that I’ve ever done that’s come completely naturally to me.” Here are a couple of additional examples of Mary’s sewing.


Sue from A Colourful Canvas

Check out some of the clothing links Sue sent in here, here and here! She’s from Canada and is happy to represent our “neighbours (note the u) to the north!”

Can we get a round of applause for the Top 10?! Good luck to all of them!

All 10 of the contestants win a $20 gift certificate to one of the fabulous Super Online Sewing Match fabric store sponsors!

The Fabric Fairy


Pink Castle Fabrics

Coming up soon, the first challenge!