We have some truly talented judges for our big match! Rochelle shares her love for vintage sewing and creates stunning 1940’s-inspired clothing at Lucky Lucille. Rochelle has a great style and she’s also got skill… Just look at this skirt! We love her honest assessment about the her sewing process too. Rochelle lets you know when things don’t work and she shares her excitement when she has a success (there are lots of beautiful successes).

We asked each of our judges to share a little about themselves with us. Have fun learning more about Rochelle, and be sure to check out her annual sew-along. Any fellow 1940’s enthusiasts are welcome to join her StitchForVictory.com where she hosts an annual 40’s themed sew-along (and soon to be knit-along!). Pick your own project, work at your own pace and sew along with new friends! All levels of skill and knowledge of the era are encouraged.

Sew Mama Sew: How did you get started sewing?
Rochelle: My mom was an avid sewer so I grew up around a sewing machine, but I’ve only been sewing passionately for the last two years.


SMS: What is one bit of advice you’d give to someone trying to advance their sewing skills?
Rochelle: Try taking a class or meeting up with someone who can give you some real hands-on help. The best way to get better is to watch someone who’s better than you. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to work with people who share your interests, and learning something from them is just an added bonus.

SMS: Was there a project you finished that made you realize you were sewing on a whole new level?
Rochelle: The first time I worked with a vintage pattern from WWII, I had this moment of, “Wow. Some woman, 70 years ago, made this same dress during a time when being self-sufficient meant everything.” That sparked my obsession with wartime 40’s sewing, and it only gets stronger every time I research the subject. I have such a great respect for the women of that era and I feel a deep connection with them when I sew 1940’s fashions. When you find that deep personal connection to sewing, it’s a bit of a game changer. For me it’s not just sewing anymore. It’s recreating a bit of history one vintage pattern at a time.


SMS: Do you have a favorite, recent item you’ve sewn?
Rochelle: My most recent dress is my favorite project to date. It’s made from an original WWII era mail order pattern (no surprise there!) and the details on it are fantastic. The inset waist section was an awesome challenge and I loved working through it. So far, this is the garment I’m most proud of.

SMS: What’s next for you?
Rochelle: I’d love to get into fabric and pattern reproductions someday in the near future!