FunStitch Studio author Kristen Sutcliffe is here today with another project in our FunStitch Studios Summer Camp series. Kristen’s book, Fabric Paper Thread: 26 Projects to Stitch with Friends, is full of projects to “use, wear, give, and brighten your space.” Focused on basic embroidery stitches and techniques, the book is perfect for kids or for adults looking for fun and easy projects.

Kristen blogs and shares her work at New House Project. She makes beautiful hand-embroidered items and porcelain pieces. Today she’s here to share colorful Wrap Stitched Bracelets! Looking for other FunStitch Studios Summer Camp projects? Check out our Simple Stamped Pencil Case and the Gnome Game!

Wrap Stitched Bracelets

I love the look of colorful stacked bracelets. These require few materials and are easy and fun to make.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1/2″ wide cotton twill tape (13″ piece)
  • Thread to match your twill tape
  • Various colors of embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needle
  • Pencil
  • Bracelet hardware (2 large jump rings, 2 small jump rings, toggle clasp)
  • Needle nose pliers (needed to open and close jump rings)

The Steps:
1. Cut a piece of cotton twill tape that is 13″ long. (You will end of with an approximately 7.5″ bracelet.)

If you want to adjust the length of the bracelet follow this formula: [(desired length-1.5″) x 2] + 1″

2. Fold the ends of the cotton twill tape towards the center of the bracelet. There should be a half inch overlap where the ends meet. Use your finger nail to make a crease at the end folds.

3. With a matching piece of thread do a quick running stitch down the middle of the bracelet to hold the pieces in place, but do not stitch all the way to the ends. (You will need to be able to add the hardware to the ends of the bracelet.)

4. Using a pencil, mark small dots along the length of the bracelet. The dots should be slightly left of center and about 1/6” apart.

5. Now it’s time to do the decorative stitching. Choose your first color of embroidery thread and cut a piece about 2 feet long. Start stitching at the top of the bracelet. Poke your needle down through the first pencil mark, pull the thread through but leave a 3” tail (you can hide that later). Bring the needle around the side of the bracelet and stitch down through the same point again. You will need to do 5 or 6 stitches through each pencil mark before moving on to the next one.

6. When you run out of thread or want to change colors, run your needle through a few inches of stitching on the back of the bracelet to hold the tail of the thread down. (You will also start the next color by running your needle through a few inches of stitching on the back.)

7. When you finish one side the bracelet, turn it over and start stitching the other side. Those stitches should go between the first row of stitches and also reach slightly past center, so there is some overlap in the middle.

8. Now your bracelet needs a clasp. Start by opening the large jump rings and putting one on each end of the bracelet. You can find a link for how to open a jump ring here. Close the large jump rings. Next open the small jump rings. Use these to connect one side of the toggle clasp to each end of the bracelet. Close the small jump rings and you are finished!

Try making multiple bracelets with different color combinations and patterns. They look great stacked.

Tip: If your bracelet is too small you can lengthen it by adding additional small jump rings to one or both ends of your bracelet. Shortening the bracelet is more difficult, so err on the small side if you are unsure how the bracelet will fit.

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