We can’t wait to see the Super Online Sewing Match Cambie dresses! Our contestants are working hard to create their final looks… We have a few Cambie dresses to share for inspiration before the big reveal next week, starting with this pretty version from Shona.

Shona from Shona Stitches sewed her bridesmaids dresses! Amy, the Maid of Honor, wore the Cambie and Sarah’s was modified from the Colette Patterns Pastille dress (quarter-length sleeves rather than cap sleeves).

Shona writes,

    “I spent months on these, which was way longer than I expected. Most of that was spent dying fabric, re-dying fabric, re-dying fabric AGAIN (sigh!), making muslins… You get the point. This was the first time I’d made a garment for anyone other than myself and I was just a wee bit nervous. I’m so proud of the finished dresses though; it really was a labor of love!

    I had ambitions of making all three, but in the end there just wasn’t enough time to make the third. I’m so glad now that I made that decision and didn’t try to slap something together; I was way too stressed out and I’m sure it would have been a nightmare! The dress that Lianne picked out worked really well with the other two. And I was still able to get the color gradient effect that I was going for.

    I thought my girls all looked amazing. I kept looking over throughout the night and cheering a little inside seeing the way the dresses fit and moved with them. I had a few people who knew of my bridesmaid dress struggles commenting, ‘I bet you’ll never want to make another dress after this,’ and I’d always say, ‘Nope. I just want to make more!.’ I’m a little bit crazy like that.

    …Oh, the fabric. I went a little nuts there! I wanted each dress to be a different shade of coral so that standing together the dresses would have sort of a gradient effect. I hand dyed all of the fabrics using Procion MX dyes from Dharma Trading. The colors didn’t come out right at first, so I removed the dye, dyed again… Then again… Until I was happy with the results. At least I learned a LOT about fabric dying in the process!”

Learn more about the dresses in Shona’s original post here, and be sure to look around Shona Stitches for more gorgeous sewing. Shona organizes a local craft group, the Gainsville Craft Collective and teaches classes at A-1 Sewing.