It is very hard to say goodbye to any of our contestants in the Super Online Sewing Match. The judges were so impressed with the creativity and professional stitching in the Round Four Negroni shirts. Only three contestants become finalists, competing for the Grand Prize Janome Horizon MC8900. Our judges weighed in on the shirts and Melissa, Kelli and Charise move on to the Round Five finals, our last challenge in the contest. We’ll share more about the challenge later, but first read what our judges had to say about the shirts:

Melissa from Scavenger Hunt

Rochelle writes, “Both Kelli and Melissa chose plaid fabric, which is always more challenging to work with than a smaller print. It takes some true foresight when cutting out plaid fabrics to make sure everything lines up properly in the end, which is something I rarely have the patience for, so I admire that extra effort! I also love the yoke modifications. Great design, great execution, great fit, great shirt!”

Julia writes, “There is design in every aspect of this shirt, but it all mixes perfectly. The fabric matching is flawless, the collar beautifully constructed and the fit is spot on.”


Kelli from True Bias

Florence writes, “I love the way that Kelli has played with the plaid on this shirt – the self-drafted front yokes and pocket make it a visually interesting shirt to look at and it’s all executed perfectly. The fit of this shirt looks absolutely right; that, teamed with the personalised embroidery, must make it feel like a truly bespoke shirt to wear.”

Julia writes, “Everything works with this shirt design. The fabric choice, the perfect lining up of the squares, the neat plackets. Kelli’s design is well balanced with what a man would want to wear, and the fit is perfect.”

Charise from Charise Creates

Florence writes, “This shirt is an example of how it’s the tiny details that really make a difference. That sliver of contrasting patterned fabric hidden inside the sleeve placket is what made me pick this shirt out as one of my favourites.”

Andrea writes, “Charise always makes impeccably sewn pieces, and this shirt is no exception. It is crisply pressed, neatly stitched and the seams are perfectly rolled to hide all facings.”