Each and every It’s a Cinch! Tote in the Round Three challenge was extremely well-made, beautiful and unique! All the judges expressed their regrets at having to eliminate anyone at all. The votes are counted, however, and the four contestants moving on to Round Four are Kelli, Melissa, Sue and Charise. Congratulations to them–they’re all one step closer to the Grand Prize, a Janome Horizon MC8900! See what the judges had to say about the top two bags:

Kelli True Bias Cinch Tote

Kelli from True Bias

Rochelle writes, “Kelli did well to stay true to herself and her design aesthetic because she has one gorgeous bag as a result! Professional does not always mean complicated and Kelli’s bag is a true testament to that.”

Florence writes, “This bag had my jaw dropping into my laptop keys in a most undignified manner! It’s everything I love in a bag: a neutral palette of go-with-anything colours, beautiful quality materials and a stylish, understated design with a surprise flash of colour inside. The bag looks to have the perfect amount of interfacing to give a beautifully slouchy and relaxed look, without falling in on itself.”


Melissa from Scavenger Hunt

Andrea writes, “Melissa incorporated adorable details in this bag. The curved pockets and bow turn the original messenger bag style into something feminine and classy enough to wear on a date night. And I admire her ability to sew that thick fabric!”

Julia writes,  “All the detailing on this bag from the piping, the bright pop of blue, the curved outside pockets and the reversible bow are all in wonderful harmony with each other to make a balanced, unique and expensive looking bag.”