Beth from Plum and June shows you how to turn your scraps into a quick and easy baby quilt. You can also add more blocks for a larger size. Have fun with this improv technique and don’t miss Beth’s intro. If you love patchwork check out Beth’s Patchwork Tote tutorial too.
Hi, I’m Beth from Plum and June and I’m excited to show you how I made this baby quilt using fabrics from my overflowing scrap drawer, combined with less than a yard of a solid fabric.

1. Start by making seven scrappy patchwork blocks. Search through your fabric scraps for strips, strings and rectangle pieces, and divide them into piles based on size as shown in the photo below. You want to only use scraps that measure at least 5″ across but no more than 12.5″ and are about 1″ – 3″ wide.

2. Take the fabrics from each pile and sew them long ends together until the strip measures a bit over 10″.

3. From those sewn together strips of varying sizes, cut strips measuring approximately 2.5″ x 10″. Keep the strips in organized piles so that the next step will be easy. Repeat steps #1 and #2 until you have 35 of the 2.5″ x 10″ strips.

4. Sew the strips from Step 2 into blocks by sewing together 5 strips. Take each strip from a different pile so that you’ll have variety but since you might have a repeat fabric in each pile, check each strip to make sure that the same fabrics don’t line up with each other; if they do, just flip that strip over or move it to the other side of the block. Trim your blocks to 10″ square.

5. Cut 9 – 10″ squares from your solid fabric and arrange the blocks in the order shown in the top photo or in your preferred layout. Stitch together, quilt and bind.


  • I could have cut some rectangles from the solid fabric instead for the areas where there are two solid squares sewn together but since this was an improv quilt, I didn’t know which order I wanted the squares in. This makes it easier to try different arrangements. Just do what is easiest and works best for you.
  • If you sew with a very consistent scant 1/4″ seam throughout, you can probably trim your scrappy patchwork scrap blocks to 10.5″. If you prefer that, just cut 10.5″ squares from the solid fabric as well.
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